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Christmas Concerts, Christmas Parties and Christmas Lunches on the 14th Day of December

It has been a hectic few days here, and today I am sharing a little of what has been happening.

Yesterday was the school Christmas Concert for my son and 180 other kids in P3 and P4 at his primary school.

The staff do an amazing job, and the songs, the costumes and the true message of Christmas all came through with humor, some traditional Christmas characters, and a few unusual ones too. These are the P3 kids (aged 6 or 7)

My son was Santa, and played his part well – all lines pronounced clearly without any nerves (except on my part!)

This morning I attended the Toddler Christmas Party at our church – not because I have a toddler (anymore), but to take a few photos for our new church Facebook Page and to create a collage for the notice board.

Over 40 kids, about 20 adults and a visitor in a red suit attended.

Over in the other hall, there was also a lot of activity, as the Luncheon Club volunteers were preparing for the Senior Citizens Christmas Luncheon.

Over 70 local residents and older members of our congregation were served Christmas dinner today, thanks to these lovely ladies.

So we were certainly spanning the generations today in our church. At Christmas is it important to reach out to others, both in the community and within the church family too.

Our Christmas celebrations continue in our church with the Sunday School Carol Service on Sunday morning and Candlelit Carol Service on Sunday evening.

Have you had any Christmas parties, concerts or carol services? Please share 🙂


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