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My Pet Hates

Today’s prompt on the 31 Day Blog Challenge is Pet Hates. Here are mine

  • rudeness
  • being late – I prefer to arrive at airport HOURS early!
  • irritating yet catchy tunes on kids tv programmes that get stuck in my head all day
  • people with more than 10 items in their baskets at the “10 items and under” till in the supermarket
  • wonky supermarket trollies (I have a knack of choosing them!)
  • sea-sickness (hate boats)
  • mould of any sort!
  • olives
  • shell fish
  • chewing gum

There you go! I have turned into a grumpy old woman!

It’s raining today, but as we are heading home for the cottage that doesn’t matter too much, but I feel sorry for those running the Belfast Marathon.

We were so fortunate with the weather yesterday, it was chilly but sunny. We had Sunday lunch at the Central Wine Bar in Ballycastle followed by a wee dander on the beach.

In the evening we headed out to our new favourite beach – the most easterly part of White Rocks beach. The tide was really far in, and it was cool (about 9 degrees C) but our son was still keen to paddle and play in the water – rather him than me.

Finally, did you see the moon last night? I know the full moon was the night before, and there was too  much cloud here, but last night it was beautiful.

See you back here tomorrow for more from the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

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  1. I am with you on arriving hours early at the airport! And I hate people with more than 10 items, as well!!

    I really love your photos. x

  2. I hate the new “self service” checkouts that are starting to spring up in the UK.

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