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On the 21st day of December…..Christmas Nativities and Carol Services

OK, I think we are going to make it to Christmas Eve with my daily December blogging. The end is in sight.

This morning was our Sunday School Nativity and Carol Service, so it seemed an appropriate topic for this post.

This is our knitted Nativity in the front porch of church.

Today for the first time all 3 of my kids participated in the same service. We had an inn keeper, a shepherd and a sheep. Unfortunately the sheep was a bit uncooperative, and insisted on looking at the congregation while the rest of his class looked to the front of church, and when everyone else turned to face the congregation, he looked to the front! He also disappeared at regular intervals. Here is one of my attempts to capture all 3 in the one photo.

A nativity is a lovely way to involved children in the Christmas story. Usually my daughters have been angels. One daughter once had the chance to be Mary, only to turn it down. What is it about us mothers that we would love our daughters to be chosen to be Mary!

Tonight will be our Candlelit Carol Service but I am unable to attend this year. However, having attended a total of 6 kids carol services or christmas concerts, I can’t say I have not had the opportunity to sing carols.

Finally in yesterday’s post I mentioned we had a cat drama the previous night. Our ginger cat, George, had last been seen on Friday at 5pm. It was the evening of my daughter’s 11th birthday party, so we had a full and noisy house, and I was not overly surprised not to have seen much of George.

However, come bedtime, he was still missing. Usually when he disappears it means he has been in an argument with another cat, and comes home limping, and requiring a visit to the vets. But on Friday night he did not appear, limping or otherwise. Having checked the garage, and called and whistled for him, I had to admit defeat go to bed.

I did not sleep well for worrying about him, and how I would break the news to our kids. At least is was a mild night, with no frost or snow. The next morning still no sign, and my husband left for work… return 30 seconds later with the news that George was sitting up in my car! Despite being locked in their for 16 hours, there had been no unpleasant accidents, and he came in to the house no worse for wear!

I hope this may deter George from jumping into our cars in future…..but I doubt it! He looks a picture of (almost) innocence!


As it is another Advent Sunday, as a family tonight we lit our “Jesus Helicopter” christmas nativity pyramid, and sang Away in a Manger.

Come back tomorrow for MORE christmas blogging….we can make it!

Love your comments (hint, hint)

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8 thoughts on “On the 21st day of December…..Christmas Nativities and Carol Services”

  1. Awwww……….so glad you found him! I know you had to be worried sick! How funny that he was in your car though, LOL.

    I totally get the whole Mary thing, my mom was so excited when I did that part MANY years ago. I think the kids aren’t so excited because they know they are the total spotlight of the scenes and many of them don’t want to do that. How funny about your sheep! Sounds like something my son would do!

  2. Brenda Susan

    Jan mary, thanks for the pics of nativity scene with your kids. Kids programs are one of my very favorite things this time of year! They are so cute that even when they mess up it’s adirable & everyone just laughs & enjoys it! Your picture is great!
    I wrote & shared some of my kids nativity scene pics from many years ago on my blog too!

  3. Creative Junkie

    Glad everything worked out! That would have been such a shame, so near Christmas.

    Love to see all the various nativity scenes on the boards … I had no idea there were so many!

  4. Oh I love that knitted Nativity scene, I have a bit of a “thing” for Nativity scenes! Glad everything is ok with George (and that the car is unsoiled!)

    I hope you and your family have a magical Christmas xxx

  5. I have a picture of Dear Son #1 almost EXACTLY the same. He was a shepherd. After the children’s choir sang and everyone left the front, I found him hiding in the choir loft. I snuck up on him and snapped a picture. He is 24 now and would deny the whole thing if it weren’t for that picture. Now I must dig it out and show him! Thanks for reminding me.

  6. I too, have a cat that has gotten locked in the car. Once in the trunk and once in the front. We never saw her hop in, but after the second time she avoided the car.

    My daughter was once picked to play Mary two years ago, she was looking so forward to it. Then she came down with Scarlet fever and couldn’t do it. She has not wanted to be in choir since to my disaapointment. She was worried about getting sick again a being disappointed.

    Merry Christmas!

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