On the 22nd day of December…..a memorable Mickey gift

For today’s Daily December christmas blog post, I want to share a memorable gift we gave the kids 3 years ago.

As well as gifts from Santa, our kids also get something from us. This particular year we just told them that we were getting them a surprise. Our usual routine here on Christmas morning is to go downstairs together and open the Santa gifts and stockings. Then we get breakfast and get dressed, and then hand out the family presents.

We presented our kids with a box, which had a jingly bell rattling inside. The kids were intrigued, and guessed maybe a puppy or kitten with a bell on it’s collar. Fortunately for us (and any puppy or kitten which by then had been shaken vigorously) it was not a pet.

They opened the box, and just as I hoped it would, out floated a Mickey Mouse helium balloon with a note and bell attached. The note said “Can you guess where we are going?”

I love the look of realization on their faces.

In 10 days from Christmas Day we were heading across the Atlantic to see Mickey and friends at the Magic Kingdom, WDW, Florida.

The kids loved both the surprise and the way it was delivered. After they returned to school, our eldest wrote us a thank you letter as part of an english lesson. Her letter included the phrase “I didn’t think you could get a holiday in a box!”

Here are a couple of layouts from that great holiday.

It was certainly one of their most memorable Christmas gifts.

What is the best surprise gift you have ever given or received? I would love to hear.
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  1. What we absolutely love about Disney is it’s about the only place in the world where you can be separated from so much of your money and have a HUGE smile on your face doing it! We treasure the few times we’ve been able ot bring the kids there.

    Stan and Jenn at Scrappers Workshop

  2. I love the way you “wrapped” the gift of a holiday at Disney! Very clever & fun. I’m thinking about your question of best gift hm….

  3. I love Disney World! What an awesome Christmas gift for your kids! I know you all made some great memories there that you could pull out again this Christmas and remember. Wow! Merry Christmas :O).

  4. That’s a fantastic way to give a present. I can definitely say I would love to get that gift now, never mind when I was younger.

    I think the best I’ve ever given was a voucher for flying lessons wrapped up along with cream scarf and an old pair of those flying goggles for the husband. He was very chuffed that year.

  5. What an awesome way to present the gift!!! Very creative!

    We had a similar experience ~ the first Christmas my husband and I were married, we’d finished opening our gifts at my parents’ house and then mom said, “Oh, and let’s not forget the stockings!” Stockings have always been a bit of a joke in my family, because the only thing that fits in there is the HUGE 1 kg Toblerone we always get from mom and dad. So we pulled out the chocolate and assumed that was it.

    Dad asked if we were sure we’d emptied our stockings, so we both reached down, right to the very toe and simultaneously pulled out tiny slips of paper.

    On each was written “One-week trip to Mexico.”


    (Well, actually the following year’s was twice as good ~ TWO weeks in Mexico ~ but we kinda knew about that trip before Christmas already!)

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