On the 23rd day of December…..some no-bake baking for Christmas

With the kids all off school, and as we are avoiding all possible retail experiences, we have done some baking.

Yesterday we made brownies (yes, actual baking, including an oven and all that!) and they were delicious.

Today normal service has resumed in that our baking today is a no-bake recipe. This is a classic Northern Ireland recipe……I am sure it exists elsewhere too, maybe under a different name, so please tell me if it does.

The recipe is Fifteens

15 digestive biscuits
15 marshmallows (the pink and white ones, not the mini ones)
1 small tin of Nestle condensed milk (approx 200g)
15 glace cherries (I prefer the dark red ones without artificial colours)
some dessicated coconut

Can you work out how they got their name!

Crumble the biscuits into a large bowl
Snip the marshmallows into smallish pieces with scissors and add to bowl

Chop cherries into small pieces and add to bowl.

Pour in the condensed milk

Attempt to mix with a wooden spoon (not easy) until thoroughly mixed.

Tip mixture on to some baking paper, shape into a long roll, cover surface in coconut.

Wrap up long roll in the greaseproof paper, and leave in fridge to harden.
Slice and place in paper cases to serve.


We doubled up the quantities today and I suppose we technically made “Thirties”!! Our kids enjoyed making them, but did not appreciate having to pause while I photographed the steps – the joys of being the child of a blogger.

On to more Christmas related news, by niece won a Christmas poetry competition and her prize was to turn on the Christmas lights in their local small town.

As she is only 7, I think her poem is wonderful, and sums up what Christmas should really be all about.

“What Christmas means to me”

Christmas lights on a tree,
Wrapping presents for you and me,
Rudolf guides Santa’s sleigh
His red glowing nose shows the way.

But, what Christmas really means to me,
You won’t find underneath a tree,
Baby Jesus was born on this day,
The Best Present I would say!!!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I am planning a special post. Hope you can come back then. In the meantime, please take a moment to watch this song below – a wonderful and powerful message and reminder of what this season is all about.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the step photos! It’s so fun to see what sort of goodies you make! I’ve been taking pictures of my baked treats too, and one day I’ll use them to make my own little cookbook. 🙂

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