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Family Trip to Florida -Part 3 – Making memories at the Magic Kingdon

There is nothing quite like the thrill of first seeking the Cinderella Castle from a distance and know you have arrived at the Magic Kingdom but just driving through here is even quite exciting!

The kids chose the Monorail as the means to get from the Transportation/Ticket Centre to the Magic Kingdom.

I managed to get everyone out in time to almost see the rope drop – well we saw it from the other side of the ticket machines! They stopped letting visitors through until after the “show” about 2 people in front of us!

First stop – Buzz Lightyear ride – twice!

I have no idea how we managed it, but my son and I both got maximum scores our first time round – the evidence!

We enjoyed the Monsters Inc laughter show. Father and son did the Stitch ride but my son was unimpressed at being spat at!

Next we met a few characters – and inspired by pinterest we got them to sign pillow cases with permanent markers.

Continuing our tour we did that old favourite “It’s a small, small world” – and the ride broke down! So we had the added bonus of about an extra 10 minutes of THAT song! Fortunately it was in the pretty blue and white section so I took some iphone pics and made this collage for Instagram.

Final ride of the morning for father and son – Big Thunder Mountain – and my daughters and I did a bit more shopping!

We left the park for lunch and some time at the pool before heading back to the Magic Kingdom for the evening.

We took the ferry across to the Magic Kingdom this time – my favourite way to arrive – better view and a wee breeze!

We made it in time for the Electrical  Parade, and the inevitable light-up blowing-bubbles toy. Our son quickly made a new friend and the time waitinf for the parade went quickly.

Lots of pics of the Electric Parade

However after the parade the grumpiest man in Disney put an end to the toy!

There was a show projected on to the castle which was very effective….

Then of course it was Wishes… as magical as ever.

We managed a couple more rides, The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean.

It was busy as we were leaving, so was after 10pm before we reached the villa – a long, enjoyable and memorable day.

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  1. It’s nice you can leave park and go back it makes a nice little break and you aren’t quite as exhausted by the end of the day –
    I didn’t Realize you did get stuck in its a
    Leave that ride and it drives me nuts bc the song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day!!!!

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