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St Patricks Day Blogging Carnival 2012 by Janmary


Back, by popular demand (!) it is time for the annual St Patricks Day Blogging Carnival. This is the FIFTH year I have blogged about St Patricks Day and our celebration non-celebration

You can visit the previous years :


In these posts you can learn what we do don’t do here in Nothern Ireland.

Hint – no leprechauns, no pinching, no green milk or leprechaun traps and definitely NO CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE will be involved!

So, how will I be spending this St Patricks Day?

We will be spending the day with the lovely Elizabeth, her husband and their two friends, who are all in Ireland on holiday (or as she would say – vacation).

The plan is to take some photos, on the beach (if the weather is kind) and later head out for a meal in Bushmills.

So, over to you. Have YOU any plans?

If you blog (and if not, why not?!!) and post about what you do or don’t do, link up here and you could win a prize – woooooh!

The prize is yet to be determined, but I imagine it will have an irish theme. As it is the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic, the prize might even have a Titanic theme….wait and see!

If you don’t blog – you  can still share below in the comments, even if you have never commented on a blog before. It is painless I promise.

Whichever way you join in, be sure I have a way to contact you incase you are the winner.

Please make sure you link to your actual St Patricks themed post, and please link back to my blog including this blog button.

Link up closes on 1 April 2012 and after that the prize winner(s) will be chosen at random – promise!

Happy St Patricks Day, wherever you are, and remember, as the sign in the Guinness store in Dublin says,

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  1. I am so glad to know another person who doesn’t celebrate St. Patricks Day with Leprechauns and green milk. We did green foods this year and a shamrock lunc (my favorite part of St. Patricks Day -reminds me of the Trinity). But that’s about it.

  2. So interesting! I was watching a show yesterday that had a woman from Ireland on the show and she was saying the same of how in the US they go much more out on this holiday than they do in Ireland! But instead it more about family and eating together! great to learn a little history and how you all celebrate {or not}! 🙂

  3. here we don´t celebrate st.patricks day! But I love your blogging carnival every year!!

    It´s very interesting to see, what happened on that special day in your country!

  4. These are too cool. Way to go st patties day. To all! Hope everyone is having a great one!

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