What I Learned this week – Janmary edition

Here’s what’s been happening in my world in N Ireland this week

1. It has been a while, but it was fun to be part of a surprise 40th party

The surprise

The Birthday Boy

The desserts!

Over 50 of us gathered to wish Simon a happy birthday – it was a great night.

2. I’m getting ready to do a GIVEAWAY of an Orla Keily reuseable shopping bag from Tescos – my next post, I promise. Here is my photo of the bags from Instagram (love that app!)

3. If you missed my post, I love some Pinterest Love. (Not yet on Pinterest? Ask me for an invite)

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4. This Friday we are attending the wedding of a friend – it may have been a while since we were at surprise 40th, but it’s been even longer since we were at a wedding. Looking forward to sharing a photo or 3 with you.

5 . It is a great idea to meet up with your family for a Saturday birthday brunch. Apart from one nephew who is away at University, my parents, my brothers and I, spouses and kids all got together.

6. Family can be united through an ipad

particularily the men of the family! (My dad and brothers)

(my nephew, brother and dad)

6. If, as a mum, you take lots of photos of people and inanimate objects, there is a strong probability  that your daughter will turn follow your example Рthese are just a few photos taken by may daughter on Saturday.

7. If you want to do a random post, then joining in “What I Learned this week” is a great excuse.

For more lessons learned, visit the lovely Julie over at From Inmates to Playdates.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned this week – Janmary edition”

  1. Julie From Inmates

    Holy sweet tooth, batman, that dessert table looks divine. Especially since my hormones are all in an uproar. Thanks for linking up this week =)

  2. Greetings my friend,

    Looks like it was a lovely time – I think surprises like this are THE BEST – for they say someone is really cared about. Thanks for sharing.

    Your DD is definitely gifted in photography too – very impressive.

    Ipads are addictive! What’s the favorite apps of these family members?

    Love, Barb

  3. That chocolate cake looks yummy – actually the entire table of desserts look yummy
    Looks like your daughter has the camera bug
    I think it’s great!
    So funny to see your dad enjoying his iPad but so great that he’s “cool” like that

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