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Home Sweet Home – home from Florida trip

It is good to be home!

Arrived home around 10am this morning, following (thankfully) uneventful flights from Orlando via Atlanta to Dublin. If you missed it, we had a rather diverted journey to Orlando two weeks ago …. lets just say there is a lot to be said for direct flights.

I know I have about 7 more days of our holiday to share with you, but thought I wouldn’t wait until I was caught up…. who knows when that might happen!

So just a few photos from the last 24 hours, via my iphone of course (!)

We ended the holiday as we started, with a Cracker Barrel breakfast (pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs ‘over easy’ and lots of maple syrup). We will miss the unlimited refills, exceptional customer service, no request being too much bother and smiling friendly waiting staff.

Before we headed to the airport we had to make a last minute stop at Target to buy an additional hand-luggage case to hopefully ensure we weren’t over our weight limits in our luggage allowance. Although tempting to pick up a few more items in Target I managed to resist tempation.

We arrived at the airport and dropped off the hire car with LOTS of time to spare ….. fortunately! We didn’t quite work out what the problem had been, but when we checked in for some reason two of us were not coming up with boarding passes.  At least TWO HOURS LATER ….. after lots of waiting, and some very helpful and apologetic Delta customer service staff…. we finally had all our boarding cards…. and made our flight to Atlanta….. phew!

Everything else went smoothly and we arrived in a chilly 2 degrees Dublin at 7 am this morning.

Someone was looking remarkably chirpy for that hour of the morning!

Home by 10 am, and after a snooze the un-packing began….and continues….

So there you have it …. we are home, and a relatively normal blogging schedule should resume.

iphone Friday will be back …. on Friday ….. and in related news, the iphone photography course I am taking next Saturday in Lisburn has only 3 spaces left! So if you are still thinking of joining me – you still have time – but don’t leave it too long 🙂

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  1. Last time we arrived in Dublin April 2009 it was 5 degrees Celsius. We froze!!!

    Glad to have you back home 🙂

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