Money, money, money!

Like everyone else, I am really noticing the prices rising, particularily in the supermarkets.  The credit crunch is persisting, there is much less job security, pay freezes, and everyone is feeling the pinch.

The cost of our weekly “big shop” just keeps increasing.

In our family, we use credit cards for our grocerices, petrol and incidental expenditure for the kids. We always pay off the bill in total each month, but still are on the look out for the credit card provider which provides the most incentive.

In the past we used our Tesco credit card which gave us additional Tesco Clubcard Points which we redeemed towards restaurant vouchers and magazine subscriptions.

Recently however, we have switched our petrol and supermarket food spend to a new credit card which pays cash back for grocery and petrol bills in specified supermarkets. As all our usual supermarkets are included, we have been able to earn cash back each month, without needing to change where we shop.

You can compare credit cards at this comparison site which gives details on a wide range of cards which provide cashback and rewards for spending.

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This afternoon I am helping at a Tea Dance in our church, so looking forward to having some photos to share! Watch this space……

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  1. I have a tesco card too! I get to use it in 52 more days!!!
    Smart idea on the credit card
    We do the same pay it off every month and collect points
    For cash rewards

  2. Hi JM,

    Well I suppose this is the blessing of having NO money hahahhaha, we have no worries this way.

    I hope your tea was lovely. Looking forward to your post about it.

    Fab photos of money, btw.

    Love, Barb

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