Shall we dance?

Yesterday, as part of our church’s new Damask community outreach programme, there was a Tea Dance held for the more senior citizens in our church and local area.

I went along to take a few photos for the Church website page.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but was very impressed by the attendance, enthusiasm and skill of the dancers.

There was no reluctance to take to the dance floor – they were up like a shot.

I thought perhaps there would be someone demonstrating the steps and teaching everyone – but no-one needed any help!

Everyone stopped for the tea, scones and traybakes. It is funny how cake stands are now back in fashion, as for these dancers I don’t think they were ever out of fashion!

There was plenty of chat, and the scones with fresh cream and jam were very popular.

Suitably refreshed it was back to the dancing for another turn or two on the floor.

I really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of everyone who attended, and maybe I’ll manage to attend next month too!

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  1. What lovely pictures, I hope my Mr and I are like this too. I think thats sooo beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing – its made me quite emotional. I love seeing elderly people holding hands even – all makes me smile and cry.

    Love, Barb

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