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children are Charming and may be heading for a criminal record!

Yes – now there is an intriguing title to a post – read on…

First the Layout – I have reached ‘c’ in my ABC album – I like order, can you tell?

Dh not sure about the choice of photo, but I said every pic can’t be a big cheesy grin – and the grass matched the blue/green LO!

So pleased to find the cute wee snails- very Sam. I know I do rant on a bit, but these Creating Color collection is so stuffed with pieces – I keep discovering new goodies every time I look.

Kit used – Brilliantly Blue and Groovy Green from Celebrating Colour collection by Gina Marie Huff, Weeds & Wildflowers available at ScrapArtist.

So, on to the potential criminal record.

I woke this morning with a bad migraine, and a good friend came to the rescue and took my toddler son out for the morning to do some shopping, so I could get some peace in a darkened room. When she returned with Sam at lunch time, she was showing me some of her purchases – and we found a surprise……Sam had added a number of small items to her bag after she paid. In fact here is what he added: 1 pair of castenets, 2 bell shakers and 5 childrens coat hooks in assorted shapes (hearts, cars, boats). Needless to say, I will be returning the items tomorrow!

It is days like this, that you appreciate your good friends and neighbours. As well as help with my toddler, a good neighbour took my 2 girls to school for me this morning, and then had all 3 kids up for tea tonight, so I could have some more peace and rest.

On that happy note, I will finish.

Take care.

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  1. “delightful” LO’s JanMary! 🙂
    Loving the white space you are incorporating into these and loving the kits you are using, very bright, bold and beautiful!

  2. LOL well I’m sure they will be thankful for you returning them. LOL kinda funny though, least it will be in a few years!

    Love your layout, love how you are doing these. They look great, with the white space!

  3. LOL @ sticky-fingered Sam!! you totally need to scrap that memory, ya know 😉 your LO is adorable ~ love the negative space & the blue & green together ~ very refreshing!

    hope your migraine is better by now 🙂

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