Blogging about broccoli and beads

Would you ever have believed I would be blogging about broccoli? Me neither! The daily photography Project 365 is making me think “outside the box” as to what to photography each day.

This morning after meeting some friends for coffee (make that a diet coke and a chocolate brownie), I went into the Food Hall of Marks and Spencers to get some yummy goodies for the weekend. I purchased some tenderstem broccoli, which to my amazement my kids love.

I detested brocolli, and most vegetables as a child whereas they love most other veggies and cheer if broccoli is produced. Is there any food you hated as a child, and love now?

So for today’s photo we have tenderstem broccoli – and as the TV ad says it is not just tenderstem broccoli, it is Marks and Spencers broccoli (if you live in the UK this will make sense – trust me).

Last night I was at week 4 of my jewellery class. I am really enjoying it, and the class is being taught by the lady who first introduced me to paper scrapping – so it is all her fault! (It led to digi-scrapping, and blogging, and photography, and now a small business digi-scrapping for others – so I owe her a lot).

For my Show and Tell for today, I want to share the necklace I made last night. I enjoy making this type of necklace, but the challenge for me was to be random with the colours. This goes against my desire to confirm!

The plan is that this will match lots of different outfits.

For more Show and Tell be sure to visit Kellie and her blog There’s No Place Like Home.

Take care until tomorrow, when I promise to share more of the prizes I will be giving away on my St Patricks Day bloggy carnival.
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15 thoughts on “Blogging about broccoli and beads”

  1. Broccoli would be cheered in our house for sure, by everyone but DH who’s a meat-guy!
    As a child I could eat anything actually, but I wasn’t too fond of sweets…(don’t like it now either!)
    Your necklace is beautiful! And I totally get you with the random colors…!

  2. Hi JanMary! I love the beads- add some cheese sauce to that broccoli and I love that too:)

    The colors in the necklace are so pretty and I can see how it will go with alot of outfits!


    Linda C

  3. I love broccoli and all things Marks and Spencers, especially the little baby potatoes. Do they still do those prepacked with butter and herbs?
    Your necklace looks fab!

  4. Great picture & thinking out of the box with the pictures. glad you are enjoying your class and love the colors of the necklace.

  5. The necklace is lovely!! It will look fabulous with so many different outfits!

    Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies, but I like it when it soaks up a yummy sauce, like in a stir fry. I guess it would be best for me raw, but…no thanks!!

  6. Hi JanMary…your bracelet is so pretty…I love the colors you chose.

    When I was in second grade we would get in trouble in school if we didn’t belong to the “clean plate club”. I hated peas. So, I used to spit them down my milk straw into the empty carton. (Gross, I know)…Peas are now my favorite vegetable. Go figure. 🙂


  7. Love broccoli – served many ways except raw. I do not like raw broccoli. 🙂 And the necklace is SO cute! It will indeed match so match…those are the best kind!

  8. I love the necklace – all those colors – very cute!! And I like your kind of “coffee”; that’s the kind I could go for any time, any day! 🙂 I can eat asparagus now, but I could barely choke it down as a kid.

  9. I don’t thing there was anything I wouldn’t have eaten apart from tripe and that hasn’t (and will never) changed. I love the necklace, I do like a bit of random. And I swear that woman on the marksies ad could probably make tripe sound delicious.

    I still wouldn’t eat it though.

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