A different room with a view!

I’m home from hospital, I had my hyperparathyroidism surgery on Tuesday, and I must say there is nothing like being in your own bed, with your own duvet, and of course a cosy laptop helps too!

Don’t panic, no scary photos of scars, but here are a few unedited images from my iphone.

The part of the hospital I was in was modern with great views over the city!

Just my husband visited me on the first night, which was as well as I was still pretty groggy.

I was sitting up without any drips by the time the kids came to see me on the second day. My youngest was most impressed with the remote control bed and the mini tv.

However he was not keen on the scar on my neck, and kept well away. He declared I need to wear a scarf FOREVER!

After quite a delay I finally got home around 7pm on Day 3. There is definitely no place like home.

I’m planning to take it easy for a few days, then I’ll be back!

What have you been up to?

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  1. I am glad that your surgery went well and you are back at home. You are so right…there is no place like home. Make sure you have your family take good care of you while you recover. Carla

  2. So glad you’re home! Hope the kids & husband will take good care of you while you recover!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you were in the hospital, but I’m glad to hear you are ok. Saying a prayer for your speedy recovery.

  4. Praise the Lord you’re healing, home with family. No matter what amenities a hospital offers one is a bot ummmm distracted to enjoy? Perhaps they still function mOstly to entertain little fellas who visit. He really needs a picture book of his own featuring photos and his bits of wisdom and advise!

    Continuing to pray you out of your bed and into daily blessings.

    Love, BRb

  5. Hi JanMary,
    Hope you are on the mend and will be 100% soon!

    If you are up to it, please join in my 3rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl on the 15th. I;d love to have you there again!
    Southampton, NY

  6. So glad all went well. I had my thyroid removed in 2004, so I know how you feel! And don’t worry, you won’t need to wear a scarf forever. 🙂

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