Babies and Brochures

It was a week of contrasts this week – one day I was up in Coleraine, discussing my janmary designs brochure design with Zing.

All will be revealed soon, I hope, but in the mean time, this is my favourite image from my photo shoot with Debbie Johnston and the lovely model Finnoula – planning it will be on the front cover of my brochure.

……..and later in the week I was meeting this gorgeous wee man

 Fortunately his mum was happy to let me take lots of photos while we chatted. It’s been almost 7 years since my youngest was this size, and let’s just say it’s been even longer since either or her older kids were this size!

My next post will be my ………SEVEN HUNDRETH!!!!

Expect a special giveaway!

Come back and see what it will be!

(Maybe I will have decided by then !!!)

In the meantime, I’d love to  know your thoughts on my first photoshoot photo, and also you can confirm with me just how adorable that baby is!

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One Comment

  1. Hi JM,

    This is my SECOND attempt at a comment here, your blog at the first one and it was a really really nice one. Ah well.

    To sum it up, your talent is astonishing, awesome and amazing. The photo is WOW. I’m sooooo excited for you and have loved being here for a lot of your 700!

    friends always,

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