A double Show and Tell this week.

This week I had no trouble in finding something to Show and Tell, in fact I have two!

First, I promised to share the results of our pottery painting evening at Eden Pottery. I really enjoyed the evening with friends from church. It was great “crack” as we say here (nothing to do with illegal drugs!) and the supper provided was delicious. I was even more impressed when I saw how well our items turned out after the glazing process.

Of course, their workshop is surrounded by beautiful pieces already decorated to inspire you, or even to purchase!

There were an amazing array of sponges to use for our designs, as well as a wide range of colours, however I specifically asked for the shade of blue to match my new kitchen. I thought it needed another colour to add to the design, and one of the helpful members of staff suggested using a chocolate brown.

So here they are…….I chose a tumbler (as opposed to a mug or cup) and then decorated a small bowl to match.

My SECOND show and tell, is some new jewellery pieces I created to match an outfit I am wearing to a charity dinner dance tomorrow night. The invite said “Not formal, but dress to impress!” so I hope it is ok to be wearing a dressy top and black trousers.

Here is the top.
And here is the jewelleryAnd here they are together!

I bought the beads from 3 different bead shops, but the colours came together really well. I am trying to convince that all this bead expenditure it actually saving him money, as I would have been looking to buy something to match the top instead!

For more of my jewellery, visit my new Etsy shop! Lots more items will be there soon.

For more Show and Tell visit Kellie at There’s No Place Like Home

Finally, a digital scrapbooking layout of a photo I took at our Toddler Group last week. I was waiting to get permission from her mum to put it online.

Take care, and come back soon!

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  1. The pottery is adorable. But the jewelry and that top are awesome! You are going to look terrific!

  2. that necklace looks just gorgeous with your top!

    and I really love your new pottery pieces — I’m sure that was really fun!

  3. I love the tumble and bowl! They look so sweet!

    i’ll be sure to check out your etsy shop! Once I get sucked into etsy, I lose track of time. 5 hours later….lol….

  4. wow janmary!! i just love your accessories!! totally perfect for your very stylish dress. you will look absolutely great!! enjoy then!!

  5. Your pottery is so cute! Great job!! And the top for your party is so, so cute! Your jewelry is just gorgeous too – you’re going to look great!!

  6. I LOVE IT ALL! Again, I say, to sit and bask in your talents…what a great pleasure that would be!

  7. Hi JanMary,
    I love all your wonderful items you shared with us today! Your jewelry is very pretty, I love that color blue!
    That sweet little girl is just to pretty too!

  8. Oh so pretty….all of it. I especially like the jewels!

    My Show N Tell this week, is laser crystal art. Come on over if you can find time. Happy Friday.

  9. So, where’s the picture of you IN the outfit, sporting your jewelry? It’s beautiful, by the way. The outfit and the jewelry!

    And your pottery too! We have several “paint your own pottery” places around here. My girls love to go and so do I, but I’m not very good at it. But I find it so relaxing!

  10. Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes my Aunt was cured of her hiccups. She went on to live to be 94.

    I love your jewelry. Really beautiful work. I really liked the pottery too.


  11. Thanks for coming by.
    Love your pics, especially the dress and jewelry.
    Love the colors!

    barbara jean

  12. The ceramics and jewelery are beautiful! Your outfit looks great. My husband loves ceramics and makes beautiful lamps. It was so nice visiting your blog!

  13. Love Love Love the pottery! The jewelry is a perfect match. Have a Blessed Friday…Julie

  14. wow your pottery painting turned out great!! Love the colours of your new jewellery and the top!!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend – and if you have in Ireland a wonderful Mothers DAy!

  15. You are VERY creative. Love the pottery and the jewelry. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Your jewelry and pottery are very beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!

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