Top Ten Bloggers in Northern Ireland!

This past month there has been a frenzy of activity around the Northern Ireland Social Media awards – last month was nominating time. Thanks to everyone who nominated Janmary Blog in Section 5 – Best Blogger, because I have been shortlisted in the top TEN! Eeeek!

Thanks for all the nominations, your work is almost done, but not quite.

Now it’s voting time!

Vote Now!

So, if you like my blog, or me, or my photos, or my jewellery designs, or my ramblings about Northern Ireland….whatever it is that brings you here, please go HERE and vote for Janmary in Category 5.

While you are there check out all the other categories, but pick carefully, as you can only submit your votes once.

It is local election time here for our politicians, and everywhere there are VOTE FOR …. posters attached to lampposts, bridges etc. I can assure you there will be no VOTE FOR JANMARY posters anywhere.

If you are here for the first time, wondering who is Janmary, and what’s her blog all about, you can read all about me here

Last award I won was probably when I came first in Floral Art Arranging, Junior Section, in the Ballymena Spring Show in about 1980! (and I have the photo somewhere to prove it!). I’m not expecting to win this, just delighted to even be shortlisted and considered.

Tonight my son won a cup at his Boys Brigade display – he got a trophy and a medal, an easter egg and a book – I think it is a close run thing of which he loves more – the trophy or the Curly Wurly egg!

So what have you ever been short listed for? Do share – you know I’d love to know!

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