Giveaway – beautiful Orla Kiela Reuseable Shopping Bag!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – but there’ll be another one as soon as Tesco’s launch the next Orla Kiely bag!

I don’t know about you, but (when I remember to leave them in the car for next time) I much prefer using reuseable shopping bags to the flimsy plastic bags provided.

It’s even better, however, if the reuseable bags are beautiful as well as practical, so I was delighted to spot these Orla Kiely Shopping Bags in Tescos for only Β£4. Even better (if it could get any better) is that the profit from the sale of these bags goes to charity, including a childrens cancer charity.

Isn’t it lovely, and isn’t it sad how easily I am pleased!

A few years ago Tescos (no, unfortunately this is not a post sponsored by Tescos!) produced some lovely Cath Kitson bags, and I did a giveaway back then.

And another pic of a typical weekly shop using my variety of bags

Anyhow, since I am in a generous mood (but don’t tell my kids, or they will be looking for a rise in their pocket money) I would love to send a bag to one of my lovely bloggy readers.

Leave a comment below, telling meΒ  why you would love to win one, or what you would use it for, or what you use for you grocery shopping…..anything you want, really!Β  The winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday (20 April).

If you are still DESPERATE to have one, and you don’t win, then I’ll still be prepared to post you one, in exchange for a lovely resuable shopping bag from wherever you live. We could have a bag swap!

Talking of swapping, I must share something to make you chuckle, yesterday I was chatting to a neighbour about upcoming holidays, and I said we were doing a Home Exchange again, she replied – ” – Oh yes – you did that wife swapping thing last year too didn’t you” NOOOOOOooooo – we did a HOUSE swap – that’s a whole other reality tv programme (and I can already forsee the google searches I’m going to get now!)

Finally – if you haven’t yet, then rush over to janmary designs and leave a comment to win a handknitted cuff bracelet.

Go forth and comment πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “Giveaway – beautiful Orla Kiela Reuseable Shopping Bag!”

  1. Me me me me me me! You know of my undying love for all things Orla Kiely. And I love that print. It’s adorable. I would use it for every shopping trip, especially at the farmers’ market b/c it just LOOKS like a bag for the farmers’ market! LOL.

  2. sarah abeahccottage


    I thought that the Cath ones from a few years ago were good…I have the striped one too all the way over here

    but boy oh boy I LOVE the orla ones…much cooler than cath anyway lol

    there is no way on earth I would use this for groceries…this would be my new beach book bag

    here’s hoping

    I tweeted and about to facebook


  3. sarah abeahccottage

    you can feel really sorry for me down under…in the land of the lucky but the dire shopping πŸ™‚


  4. I am much better at remembering to bring my bags in with me than I used to be . . .but with bags this beautiful-I would NEVER forget to use it! Absolutely LOVE it!

  5. I love the OK pattern! This is far too stylish to keep just for the Super Market, so I shall be using it to carry my stuff at work, too!
    I would be glad to swap an OK bag for an all cotton shopping bag from our shop! e-mail me at
    P.S. I also like the way you write. Have fun!

  6. I love your blog….and I love those new cuff bracelets! Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to use reusable bags (more importantly to remember them before leaving for the market). We have a new market that gives you A scanner when you walk in, you scan the groceries as you go, pack them and all you have to do is download your sale at the register and pay. Pretty cool.

  7. I love that reuseable shopping bag. I think its great that they are making them like fashion accessories. When i go shopping i use a very plain bag but with 3 kids find it much easier to have the shopping delievered to me at night when the boys are all in bed and I can sit, relax in my pjs waiting for the groceries to arrive. Just remember when the hubby goes out to check if the front door is open or that you have keys to open it. You wouldn’t want to receive your shopping through the living room window!!!!!!

  8. You find the coolest stuff. πŸ™‚ I am trying to be better about remembering shopping bags. However most of the time it’s a toss up to remember the kids or the bags. Kids win. πŸ˜‰ I might be interested in doing a shopping bag swap. I really haven’t looked for them over here though. Hmmm.

  9. I love tesco – and would love a bag – what a great idea – if I don’t win I’d be interested in a bag swap from my favorite supermarket over here –
    let me know!!
    the wife swap thingee had me laughing so hard!!

  10. those reusable bags are lovely!! love the design!! oh i really hope i get chosen to i canget one!! anyway, i am all for reusable bags… i don’t like using plastic bags for grocery (unless of course i really don’t have anywhere to put stuff in). we pay for our plastic bags here — .05 cents. but it is not the cost, these plastic bags will end up in the trash! oh well… go reusable bags!!

  11. These are absolutely too cute! I would definitely use it for library books, I’m in need of a new one! Pick me Yippeeee!
    Thank you for offering one!

  12. Meagan, in house nester

    I would LOVE to win this bag because I couldn’t find any in my own Tescos! Adorable!!! Love Orla’s designs.
    Meagan, row house nest

  13. I would love a bag, it is adorable! I love Orla Kiely designs, but I haven’t seen these at our Tesco. Thanks for the post. πŸ™‚

  14. Having just returned from Asda I am sorry to say that I had to use their plastic bags as I had forgotten my reusable bags so if I won I would definately NOT forget it as would be too eager to use it & show it off!!

  15. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous bag!
    Its very rare that I can find anything other than the boring green bags where I live. Have however found a few cute fold up ones at Target which I have been collecting.
    Oh to not live nearish a boring shopping area of Australia. But then I wouldnt pass up our mountain life for all the pretty bags πŸ™‚

  16. I’m so mad.. I just returned to the US after 3 weeks in Blighty and wanted to pick up one of these bags, but when I stayed at my friends house on route to the airport, it turned out her local supermarket was Sainsbury’s… umph… please, please, please include me! Lx

  17. im a bagaholic, and one of these would come in so handy. we travel quite a distance some weeks to do the grocery shopping and im always on the look out for more bags to put things in.

    found your blog via a beach cottage

    Western Australia

  18. Pamela Keener

    I absolutely love using these type of grocery bags for grocery shopping. The weight is distributed within the bag so much better.
    Love & Hugs,

  19. My cheapo grocery bags are falling apart, so I’d love to win a new bag for shopping! Plus this one is SO much better looking!

  20. Oh what a lovely! Farmer’s market, grocery shopping, knitting bag, wine bottle tote, picnic bag…I would take it everywhere! Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing on falling stars…

  21. What a perfect farmer’s market bag! I currently have a fantastic little cloth bag, picked up from a street vendor in NYC and a shabby Trader Joe’s bag bought out of guilt due to the evil-eye-stare that came with the question, “is paper ok?” I really need to get to collecting these (and remembering to put them back in the car)! Would LOVE to have this one!

  22. Love love love that bag. So nice. Would love to nip down to the markets on the weekend with that over my sholder and fill it with all my thrify purchases. Or just to the supermarket, even that would be more fun with such a pretty bag.

  23. Michelle Wright

    I could use this bag in many~many ways. Love the colors and the size. Come on home to mama!!!!

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