Friends Reunited!

This week has turned out much more sociable that we envisaged it would be.

Due to the wonders of Facebook,we met up with an old school friend and her family who were back in Northern Ireland on holidays.  Her sons and my son got on reallly well at the park while we chatted, drank coffee and ate buns.  Can’t believe it is over 20 years since we last met!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we met up with more school friends – either mine or my daughters!

Later in the week we met another old friend from England with his kids, over in Castlerock.   The girls are all similar in age, and enjoyed the paddle

 and as you can see, my son was as reluctant as ever to get wet!

My younger daughter

and my old daughter, who is becoming more camera/blog/facebook shy!

We tried a new activity this week – fishing for crabs. Once we learnt that crab lines no longer involve hooks but a little net bag, we were “hooked”.

Fortunately we finally caught a crab after about 30 minutes, and it was actually quite large (at least, we thought so!). My son named him/her “Heidi” as he/she was hiding for so long!

Tomorrow is my birthday (eeek!), it seems no time at all since my last one.

So what have you been up to this week, and have you met up with any “blasts from the past” recently?

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  1. Happy birthday!! What are your celebratory plans??

    I recently met three bloggers that I’ve “known” for a couple of years online. That was great fun (and quite eye opening!)

  2. Have a wonderful birthday! Your children are beautiful. I love the name for the crab. Very cute! Carla

  3. I just have my blast from the past last week with my 25th high school reunion! Tons of fun and I’m so glad I went.


  4. Happy Birthday!!! Have you some relaxation planned after a busy few weeks?

    Oh and crabs love the little packets of Waifos ham:) Don’t ask me how I found that out.

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