550th post and my birthday!

Who would have believed it back in March 2007 when I wrote my first post, where blogging would lead me?

I have learned new skills (photoshop and blogging), made friends on-line around the world (too many to pick just a few here, but you know who you are) and even met up with a few fellow bloggers too.

My faith has been shared here, and grown too. I have been encouraged and supported by many of you. so thanks.

Thanks too to my family for their patience and tolerance. For allowing me to share some of their lives too.

In honour of my birthday, and regular friends/readers will know I rarely do this, I am going to share a photo of ME!

This is the chocolate birthday cake bought for me – unfortunately there was not sufficient room for all 43 candles, so one with have to do!

It has already been a lovely birthday.  A few days ago my husband and I went out for a meal to Tartine. Last night the family went for my favourite walk along my favourite coastal path between Ballintoy and Carrick-a-rede,

  • this morning we went out for breakfast (the traditional Ulster Fry) we met friends for coffee
  •  then went to one of my favourite beaches, Portstewart Strand, where I got to walk right to the end and back. (photo from my iphone)

  • Back home for cake, strawberries, blueberries and Hagen Daaz icecream!
  • Some cards and gifts

including a Kipling bag and purse.

  • Tonight meeting more friends and more icecream!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Give me family, friends, my favourite places and some chocolate cake – I don’t ask for much!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    And thank you for the picture – It’s nice to see your beautiful smile!

  2. that’s a beautiful photo of you!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and I love the cake – that would be my choice too –
    I’ve sent you an email so check it out –
    those pictures made me ALOT!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday at this place, too! Wish you all the best! As I see you had a fantastic day and yummy ice cream, a lovely cake and many people sharing your day in different ways with you

  4. Happy birthday to you! (2 days late)
    Happy birthday to you! (I’m sorry I’m late)
    Happy birthday dear JanMary (again, I’m so sorry)
    Happy birthday to you! (*smacking myself*)

    (ps: LOVE your photo! You’re adorable!)

  5. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful time. It’s great to put a face to the blogger 😉 lovely pic

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