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Back to the cottage and back on broadband!

Thanks to our lovely neighbour at our cottage, I am finally able to blog WITH photos, and not just from my iphone. (Still NOT impressed with the customer service from BT)

So, here’s a catch-up since my last proper blog post.

Despite my husband being on-call on Christms Day, he managed to be there for the majority of the day, starting with the present opening – at about 7ish.

This has to be my favourite photo of the day!

All other photos from the present opening include my daughters in their PJ’s have been banished from this blog.

We spent some times with the neighbours, then my parents and father-in-law joined us for more presents and Christmas dinner.

Inspired by Pinterest I used some fresh cranberries and candles on the kitchen table.

This was our althernative dessert to the Christmas pudding.

And remember this cheeseboard from the Handpicked Collection I reviewed a few months ago?

We didn’t manage to get any photos of Granda before he left, but here are Granny and Papa (my parents) with the kids.

So, how was your Christmas Day?

We are now up at our holiday cottage, and there is a real gale blowing outside – we have been wrapped up and close the the open fire all evening, and the electric blankets are on! At least we are not getting the sub-zero temperatures and frozen pipes of last Christmas.

Come back tomorrow for lots more blogging and photos.

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  1. Welcome back!!! Glad to see you again. I love that candles on cranberries. It’s cute!

  2. Lol that first photo is my favorite too! He’s gonna love it when he’s older! Jealous of you in the cottage by the fire – the holidays are almost over here and I can’t wait. Caught a cold from being so run down this past week – just have to make it through the madness of new years at work then all is well. I read your having terrible weather up there – hope your keeping warm looking forward to seeing more photos – b is doing a count down now – its 70 some days till we see you again!:). Going to the mall this week to finish up with my girls and taking your list with me to see if I can find some stuff for your girls- opts I hope they don’t read your comments! P.s. love the pictures of the girls and their grandmother:(

  3. Hi Janine,

    Haahhahahhahaha I can’t get past the photo of the giftbag. I bet that would be a terrific one paired up with one of George in a bag – that’s something cats do!

    Glad you’re back on the internet – I start to shrivel up after a few days without. I love to be connected.

    Lovely LOVELY photos of your family and I also enjoyed your Church Service that you sent me a link to as well. I wonder if your blog readers might enjoy it as well – it certainly made me ponder and wonder and inspired me all over again.

    Hope your day is lovely – the sunshine is out here and I’m planning a walk with my husband.


  4. I love the cranberry centerpiece! What a clever idea! Looks like your family had a wonderful holiday!

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