My favourite Childhood Book – Lotta

I have always loved this book – Lotta by Astrid Lindgren a swedish children’s author who also created Pippa Longstocking.

This is my original copy of the book (see…..hoarding can occasionally pay off!)

I was an avoid reader as a child (before blogs and pinterest were invented!) and could usually be found with my nose in a book.

Lotta is a little girl (about 3 or 4ish), the youngest in her family, having 2 older siblings – which was just like me.

She got grumpy with the rest of her family for treating her like a baby and is always trying to keep up with her siblings. In one part of the book she runs away (to the very nice granny nextdoor) who lets her set up her own wee house in the neighbours garden shed. After “playing house” all day, as soon as it gets dark she regrets her decision and when father comes to see her she asks to come home.

I enjoyed flicking through the book and looking at the illustrations – brought back lots of memories.

So, do YOU have a favourite children’s book?  Please share it with me.

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