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On the 4th day of December … the Truth in the Tinsel

As I mentioned earlier this week, I came across an ebook about teaching kids the story of the nativity by creating an easy craft each (or most!) days.

Day 1 – Candle (Light of the world)

I had planned to blog about it again later this month, when we had created most of the crafts, but thought I would share it now, as it’s not too late for you to join in.

Day 2 – Crown (King)

Families with kids of all ages (toddlers to teens) are taking part, all around the world. Over 3500 have now joined a facebook page where each day we can share our crafts and be inspired/motivated by others.

Day 3 Zecariah

My son has really enjoyed the craft and daily chat we have, but is probably even more thrilled by seeing all the other kids who have made the same item as him that day.

Day 4 Angel Gabriel

The crafts can be done in a few minutes, or much longer if you are waiting for paint to dry, or even worse….glitter glue! I have just bought a few additional craft supplies, but most days everything I have needed has been found or I have managed to improvise. Each day you are given verses, craft idea and supply list – even the most non-crafty could cope, because it is now about the craft, it’s about spending a few minutes each day sharing the truth in the tinsel.

So, if you want to find out more (it’s only $4.99), we have really enjoyed it then visit this link.

Click here to visit Impress Your Kids.

(affiliate link)

I have created a facebook album for our own crafts HERE, and you can join the facebook group for the book HERE

If YOU and yours are joining in, please let me know in the comments.


Finally, as it is the second Sunday of Advent, and now that (finally) we have the Christmas decorations down from the attic, we were able to light our “christmas pyramind” (aka Jesus Helicopter). It is one of my favourite family Christmas traditions.

Do you have any traditions? Please share.


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  1. Hi Janmary! This is such a wonderful idea and so cool that you and your son can be connected to others doing the same thing! I love technology!!

  2. I wish my little boy was older I’d love to approach Christmas with him in this way. He’s only one. I think the truth in tinsel is a fab idea. Looks like your son is enjoying the crafts. I am sure the time spent together making the items and thinking about what Christmas means is very special.

  3. Hi JM

    Sad to have missed your first two days and hope to come back and catch them as always of value and inspiration. I’m all finished crafting for sale for the season, whew!

    Humm, I’D like to do this ebook thing myself! LOL, I’m sure many moms and families will grow and learn as they participate in this project together. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Barb

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