Happy (Chinese) New Year and Womens Business Networking in Northern Ireland

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.  I know this for two reasons

1. My son came home from school and declared as it was almost the Year of the Dragon in China and he immediately needed to create lots of dragons.

He proudly brought in this page to school today to show his teacher, and his picture was put up on the “Good Work Window” so he was very chuffed!

2. I also know it is the Chinese New Year, as Marks and Spencers had it’s “Dine in for £10” meal deal with a Chinese theme. You could choose 2 main courses, 2 sides and a bottle of wine for £10. There was quite a selection to choose from, and I am sure that they aren’t exactly authentic, but here is what we are having for dinner tonight.

What are you having for dinner?

In other news, root canal treatment continues (ouch!) and I attended another meeting of Mums That Work in Newry this morning. It was great to connect, network and support other mums who are also balancing family and business.

After almost 3 years running my own business I can testify that networking with other business women has been the greatest boost to my business. It is inspiring, we share what works, we recommend reliable service providers and we support and encourage eachother. I am involved in several womens networking groups (the others being Women on The Move and Digimumpreneurs) and until I joined them I did not appreciate what a benefit they would be – both personally and professionally. Are you involved in any groups?

Finally, as it is Monday, it was swimming lesson afternoon for my son – he is working well on his back crawl.

Here are 3 photos from my iphone captured today.

What have you been up to this Monday?

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  1. My son also home talking about the Chinese New Year. He had three fortune cookies and kept asking me about his ‘heart’s desire’ as the fortune cookie stated he would get his heart’s desire! Anyhow , needless to say, I told him he could not have his heart’s desire – as he indicated something about more money!! Then he retracted that and said it could just mean staying up late.lol. I am glad to have found your blog on MomBloggers. Have a lovely day.

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