Welcome to my WordPress World!

Faithful blog readers and friends will know I had been having  a few  many issues with my blogger blog. I created my blog on Blogger way back in 2007, when I hardly knew what a blog was. This blog originally started out with the catchy blog address of www.welcometomyworldjanmary.blogspot.com! You can read that first post HERE.

As time went on I purchased www.janmary.com but remained loyal and faithful to Blogger.

Recently however, it has been a real struggle – readers weren’t able to access my blog at times, and commenting was tricky.

For me, a blog without readers and commenters – a bit dull! I love the conversations and interactions I have with my blog readers/friends.

The final straw was when Blogger wanted to link my blog to my personal Google+ profile – I could no longer comment on other blogs, or my own blog, using my online name of Janmary. I don’t mind others knowing my real name, but when I comment online, I prefer to be Janmary.

So ….. long story short(ish) I took the plunge and have moved to WordPress.

Thanks to Moonsteam Designs for her patience and support, holding my virtual hand through the transition……so here I am…..

Welcome to my WordPress world!

The look of the blog will gradually change as I get a bit more used to my new surroundings and dashboard.

I would love to hear what you think – can you comment? Please try. If you have any advice or tips on Word Press that would also be appreciated.


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  1. So curious to hear what you think of WordPress – I love it and have no issues with it as long as I’ve had it. I think you will be really happy -anything exciting planned for last week at the cottage? It’s been a rough couple of weeks here will explain in an email later!

  2. Hi Janmary, well done and good luck! I took the challenge and joined wordpress too 🙂 So far I like it – easy to use 🙂
    Hope to see you again at one of the meetings when school year starts 🙂

  3. I love your blog design, your theme does a great job of capturing your lifestyle and business activities. Your jewelry looks awesome too!

    I too made the switch to WordPress.org from Blogger and WordPress.com. Once I made the switch I haven’t looked back. I found that you can do so much more with the .org version…

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