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On the 5th day of December – sparkles and sliding cars!

Today did not quite go as planned ……ever had one of those days?

First a festive photo to share! I love my sparkly words!

Now, on to my dramatic and eventful morning…

At 5 am this morning I woke to that bright light behind the curtain that told me even though it was still pitch dark it had snowed overnight.

My son was sick with high temperature this morning, so no school for him, and my to-do list had to change from all the messages I planned to do, to things I could do at home. It is days like this I am SO thankful I work from home and am my own boss.

Just after 8am I was mentally rewriting my to-do list then I heard shouting, a car alarm and banging on my front door ….. our neighbour had arived to tell us my car had slid down the icy driveway
all.   by.    itself!

We have lived in this house, with it’s steepish driveway for almost 13 years, and although we have struggled at times to get up the driveway in the ice and snow, we had never had a car make a bid for freedom all by itself!  There wasn’t even that much snow and ice here in Northern Ireland overnight but I think there must have been a bit of a thaw, then the temperature dropped below freezing again.

SO thankful that no-one was injured, and amazingly the car stopped itself at the bottom of the drive before reversing itself on to the road.

Of course, as a blogger, I had to take a photo for my blog/facebook before I attempted to move it, and we cautiously made our way out of our street and take my daughters to school.

So to finish todays post, and another sparkly word and our Christmas tree in the living room (the family room tree is not up yet!)

Have you all your decorations up yet?

Have you had a dramatic or uneventful day?

Please share/comment.


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  1. Lovely sparkles. You have the same car as me – before I panic about it reversing alone, do you leave it in gear?

  2. I love seeing other peoples christmas decorations. I have nearly all my decorations up. It must have been catching today as my day was not what was planned. Car would not start so had to bundle kids all up and walk to school. Much to my annoyance and the kids excitment to walk in the snow.

  3. B and I are sitting here
    Shocked by the snow and your car
    So glad you are ok

    And no one was hurt
    Hope Sam is feeling better
    Send him a hug from us

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