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On 6th Day of December – my first Christmas Nativity and my most recent addition

Over the years I have collected a number of Christmas nativity sets. On my blog as we approach Christmas I will be sharing a few more, but I thought I would start this year with the set that started it all……

I can’t remember the year, but WAY back (probably about 15 years ago) I bought this set while on a shopping trip to London. I think it was in Selfridges – and it is probably still my favourite.

  • I love that it is unbreakable – it has been held, played with, sucked and chewed by many a toddler/child and is still standing. Kids are welcome to play with it.
  •  I love that fits inside the stable.
  • I love how it makes the nativity story accessible to kids …. when Santa and all the commercialism of Christmas is everywhere these days, it’s good to come back to the basics – it started with a baby, but importantly it doesn’t end in the manger in the stable ….. I believe Jesus died for us, rose again, and can be a vital part of our lives if we will invite him in.

Each year I try to resist purchasing ANOTHER nativity, but this year this one caught by eye…..

I love that the baby is inside the word JOY.

I am very aware that for some Christmas is a difficult time of year – whether due to loss of a family member, change of circumstances, illness, stress, disputes, financial pressures etc. but I pray that for you this year you will be able to experience some joy in the season.

I can’t promise it will be my last nativity, but it’s the last one for this year!

Do you have any nativities?

Do you collect any particular Christmas items?

Please share and please comment 🙂

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  1. I really love your nativity! It would be perfect for JDaniel.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I love that she shared her struggle with dyslexia and really wanted her to know other appreciated it.

  2. Its really lovely! My mum has just knit a lovely nativity for Dromore Cathedral – Ill send you a pick over

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