On the 13th of December … the School Christmas Nativity Concert

A quick post today as lots happening, but I just want to share some photos of the School Christmas Nativity Concert.

My son was Polish Boy Number 9 – perhaps not the most pivotal role in the Nativity, but he did us proud.  With great enthusiasm and attention to detail he danced, sang and said his line (which included some Polish!).

I love how the school always manages to bring the play around to the Christmas story and the true meaning of Christmas.  No mean feat when you have over 90 kids all on stage including christmas puddings, cheerleaders, reindeers, irish dancers…….and 9 “polish” children – but there is always Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Wise Men and Shepherds.

I can still remember my eldest daughters first ever line in a school play, as an agel – her line was “Mary and Joseph had lots and lots of visitors”!  She came home one day, age 5, after rehersals saying earnestly “Mummy, my teacher told me the parents don’t want to see the back of my head during the show” – I think the sarcasm was lost on her!

By the time my son leaves primary school we will have enjoyed 13 years of school nativities and carol services!

For me, Christmas is well and truly on its way when the school nativity plays are on. What is the event that for YOU means Christmas is almost here?

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  1. He is so grown up. I love this time of year. This is my first year of school nativity plays and I am so looking forward to seeing my eldests first play. He’s so excited because he is a sheep and was told that he had to say Baa and when someone else was saying their lines he had to be very quiet. He just looked at me and said I think I am going to have to practice that.

  2. Thanks for allowing me to attend the only Kid’s Christmas Concert I’m bound to see – Awww – the last little one, chokes you, doesn’t it?

    Hmmm, what defines it for me? I think when we get HOME to the parents, thats when I “hang it all up” and just enjoy. Family, thats what its all about.


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