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This post was originally part of my previous post HERE, part of this week’s Show & Tell.

Do you bring your own reuseable bags to the supermarket? I TRY to remember, and now have a great collection of various shapes and sizes.

My favourite however, have to be these new ones in Tesco’s designed exclusively by Cath Kidston. Each month there is a new design, they only cost £3.50, and they are made from recylcled plastic bottles. What is more, for every one sold they are making a donation to the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care, a wonderful charity.

So far I have bought two, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the designs (I believe there will be 3 more). Not only are they in gorgeous colours/patterns, but they are comfortable to carry, and may be even too nice to just use for supermarket shopping. I have already used mine for my library books and the beach.

I have one of the stripy bags to GIVEAWAY (and I haven’t used this one yet – promise!)

If you would like to be entered, leave me a comment below, telling me about your favourite bag, and the winner will be chosen at random. Be sure to leave a blog or email address so I can contact the winner. I will post the prize internationally, so go ahead and enter. The winner will be announced here on my blog next week.

Finally, I found a quote to share with you about handbags by comedian Billy Connolly:

” A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag: even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!

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25 thoughts on “Shopping Bag Giveaway”

  1. My favorite bag–I have two that I like best. The knit black one that I mentioned in the comment on the show and tell. And a little cheap bag that is tiny and over the shoulder–it fits my cellphone, and tiny wallet and a pen and change. I use this most often when I want something very light and convenient!

  2. Your bags are lovely and these type of bags are so handy when out shopping. My favorite one is a black one that has metal handles. I have had it for many years. The other one I have is leather and it is handy for taking to the grocery store to bring a few things home. I dislike plastic bags.

  3. Irritable Mother

    Love the quote! Especially since I was cleaning out my purse today and was surprised at some of what was in there. *grin*
    As for the re-useable bags for the grocery store? I haven’t bought any. The ones I’ve seen sure aren’t as cute as yours! And, yes, you’ve got me thinking about it. Maybe I’ll make that move.

  4. I love that blue and pink striped one! I do have my own canvas bags that I bring shopping with me, but I have to admit, sometimes I still forget to get them out of the trunk! I’m getting better, though.

  5. That bag is sooo cute!! My favorite bag is one I don’t own yet…but I am so getting it for my birthday! It is the PERFECT sized canvas tote with blue and green polka dot ribbon handles! I need it for my daughter’s constant trips to the library…and I can’t wait to be “greener” at the grocery! I wish my birthday was here already! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I love that quote. My favorite bag, hmm its hard to decide. I use a backpack for trips to the library because we take out so many books at a time as family. The most used bag though is probably a canvas bag that I take to the grocery store for produce. I find it is a little sturdier so protects the produce a bit more.

  7. Cute bags, way to make shopping more fun! I love that quote, too.
    My fav bag is hard to pick, but I will say one of my favs is a “piddly” bag bought on etsy from “The Piddleloop Sewing Team.” It’s a small sock knitting bag and is made from fabric with dachshunds all over it.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I so love new visitors!! I love that striped bag. I need to start remembering to take canvas bags with me. I seem to forget!! Guess I am spoiled!! Put me in your drawing if you would. My email is:
    I love your blog!! Looks so happy!! Sandy

  9. I happen to like my cold bag. When I shop I use it for the milk, cheese, butter etc. It is isulated to keep to cold items cool until I finish my daily errands.

  10. Hello 🙂 Wow! I love how creative and interesting your blogs are! They totally are as fantastic as that crazy beautiful lady Barb! I think I shall keep an eye on your blog if you don’t mind since you have some rather interesting things in here.

    Thank you also for your kind thoughts and words. We’re a little frazzled moving and I’ve never even been to England which doesn’t help.

    Catch you around 🙂

  11. Hellooooo JM – Thanks for your visit, and for visiting Lilly’s blog, I’m sure your kind words touched her heart. I know the fact you did that touched mine.

    I’ve had my face in a canner all day, putting up peaches. Ya, and it totally sucked me backwards in time to when my Gramma used to can them… and yeah, I’m kind of misty now and it has nothing to do with getting steam in my eyes.

    LOVELY LOVELY baggie… it would be ideal. Thanks in case I have a hope in heaven! LOL!

    Have a wonnerful day.


  12. Hi JanMary :)! I guess you already saw that I gave you a blog award :). I loooove those bags and the idea of using them – but don’t enter me into the contest – I would hate it if you had to mail one all the way over here! But I’ve been thinking maybe I should make myself one…. Great contest!!! – Jess

  13. Those are gorgeous! A better reason to comment, though, is that I lived in England for 7 years, and I’d completely forgotten about Tesco! I love that store! Dang, I wish I scrapbooked the places I went when I lived there!! 😉
    Nicky, now living in Alaska, USA.

  14. I love the bags. My favourite bag is one which came from Estonia. It has cool giraffes on it. I love your layouts and photos. Your kids are great sitting for their photos, mine don’t!

  15. What great bags! I love that they are made with recycled materials and they support a great charity! Thanks for the opportunity to win one, they are beatiful!


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