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Family trip to Florida part 1 – Downtown Disney

After our adventurous journey to collect our keys and villa directions (a 6 bedroom villa in Windsor Hills – separate blog post on thevilla to follow) we stopped of for brunch at the Cracker Barrell. The pancakes,  bacon, eggs and syrup were as good as we remembered from a few years ago while house swapping in Boston.

We enjoyed the villa pool for a few hours then headed out to Downtown Disney for dinner. Having an 8 year old would-be paleantologist in the family made the T-Rex restaurant an easy decision. Everywhere was quite busy and crowded( but I suppose it was Saturday night! We were able to book a table for about 50 minutes later, so had a wee bit of time to shop and explore (and take a few pics).

The Lego store had the usual array of huge lego models, and we bought a few bits and pieces in the huge Disney store.

Back to T-Rex for dinner – quite an experience and our son loved it.

We headed back towards the car and there was lots of live music performers to entertain us.

Arriving home about 9pm jet lag hit with avegance, and we didn’t manage to stay up beyond 9.30 ish.

WARNING – there will be some long and detailed posts on our Orlando trip – you have been warned!

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