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Fathers Day

A few Fathers’ Day layouts

First the one I made for my Dad

Then one I made for my husband
Finally one I made along with a friend for her husband, who is currently serving abroad. I enjoyed working with some kids other than my own.
Credits for all can be found at my DST Gallery https://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showgallery.php?ppuser=3752
So, now on to our weekend at the cottage. Had a migraine on Friday, so did not go up until Saturday morning. It was a damp day, so had friends round in the afternoon, and had a quiet day at the house.
Fathers Day today, so assisted with breakfast in bed, and the presents (which included a mouse mat with one of our favourite pics of the kids on it). It was a glorious morning, so we went to Ballintoy, a small harbour and beach, for a walk. All these photos are straight from the camera – no editing or touch-ups!
After lunch, we went to the Living History day at the spectacular ruins of Dunluce Castle. Actors retold some of the dramatic stories from the castles’ past – including how the kitchens fell into the see during a storm in 1632. There was a banquet being held that night, and after the 14th course (yes 14!) and a large rumbling noise the hostess, a Duchess called Catherine, apologised to her guests that dessert would not be served, and they would move on to port and pastries. The guests had left before it was revealed that the kitchen and nearly all the servants had fallen into the raging sea. Catherine left the castle that night, and never returned, saying if she ever saw the sea again it would be too soon!

We left our new cat, George, on his own back at home, as we were only away for one night. Fortunately he didn’t give up on us returning, and was happily purring when we arrived home.
So that was my weekend – how was yours? Leave a comment and let me know!
Take care

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  1. Wow I would Love, Love, LOVE to see a real castle someday! LOL They have such history! Beautiful photo’s!! Thanks for sharing them!! I just love to see beautiful places around the world. Love your layouts I bet they were loved!!

    I didn’t do all that much this weekend! LOL Bout like usual around here, nothing exciting, but I do love the peacefulness!!

  2. Oh I love those beautiful photos. What a great Father’s Day Layout. Great “before and after” shots!

  3. Wow – those pictures are awesome – totally draws me in and looks like a VERY cool place to visit! Glad you had a great weekend and your LO’s are beautiful!

  4. Wow, awesome pictures and such a beautiful place! I came back from Dublin yesterday and it was quite nice too but I think the most beautiful places in Ireland are in the countryside. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the countryside very much so I’d really like to come back some other time to see it.

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