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The Big Bathroom Makeover – before, during and after!

Ever since we bought this house, we have always had plans to re-do the bathroom, and after finally re-doing the kitchen last year, this year would be the year of the bathroom!


And some more details.

Here is a reminded of how it looked just over 2 weeks ago……

The Room of Doom/Gloom is gone – no more black tiles, grey tiles, yellow border, white/grey suite.

Instead welcome to natural colours, neutral tiles, pebble border, roll-top free standing bath, trendy wide sink (900 mm), some built-in storage, towel-warming chrome radiatiors, and a large separate shower.

Considering the amount we were ripping out, there was little disruption to the family.  The builders were tidy and considerate, and every evening hoovered up before they left.

Here are a few photos of the work in progress.

So was it all worth it? Absolutely!

It has turned out exactly as I had hoped – maybe even better!!!! Just need to add a few final touches – candles, some new towels etc.

My fave parts of the new room? A close race between my wide sink and the deep free-standing bath, but the bath wins!!!

Which room in your house would you most like to change? Let me know!

As the new bathroom has a spa/natural theme going on – this week I am inspired by all things neutral/natural and hope to find some new accessories this weekend.

For more bloggy Inspiration visit The Inspired Room

I am linking this post up to Shabby Chic Cottage “Transformation Thursday”

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  1. So gorgeous! Especially that amazing tub! I love baths & that room looks very calming & soothing! Great job!

  2. Its absolutely stunning. Just gorgeous!! You have got great taste girl. I would LOVE that in my home!


  3. Ha! I think you missed the theme this week, girl. It’s on wearing aprons!

    If you get a chance, check out all the wonderful posts. Really fun!

  4. How fab does the bathroom look. Glass of wine and candles in that tub sounds like heaven. x

  5. OMG. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    **running around gathering supplies so I can fly over there and take a shower … do you have any shampoo?*

  6. Wow…that is amazing
    looks like lots of hard work
    the tub is like a hot tub or a spa
    makes me want to try it out (o:
    well it is a little far away for me this rainy Friday night

  7. Queues for the bathroom begin in 3…2…1.. 🙂

    It really is beautiful and I love the sink. I’d probably have to put on my very best shouting voice here to stop anyone leaving things on the side of it though:)

  8. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Or something like that!
    Visiting from Southern California. And I LOVE your bathroom.
    Really, only two weeks? Amazingly beautiful!

  9. Stopping by from SITS! 🙂

    Your bathroom looks awesome! You did a fantastic job with it!! 😀

  10. Stopping by from SITS. What a gorgeous bathroom. I must admit, I didn’t HATE the before, but your after is definitely stunning. I would be most happy with that sink, anything is better than a pedastal sink. Now I must go check out your kitchen re-do. I love a good house makeover.

  11. WOW how pretty! If only mine can look half as decent lol 😀

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest from Indonesia!

  12. HA! I “THOUGHT” I had already commented here? I am so losing it these days. With all the new things I am learning I guess I’m overstuffed in the cranial department.

    Anyways, if I were to come to your house I fear I might not want to leave your bathroom, its so nice! Very tasteful and I’m sure you must get such a sense of pride to have put it all together. What a huge responsibility, for you will have to live with it for years.

    Thanks for allowing us to share in it’s coming about. I sort of feel like its our bathroom too, only we don’t have to clean it, and even if we did it would be a pleasure too. haha!


  13. Janmary,
    Your bath turned out wonderful! The tile work is unique and I especially like the tub and towel warmer. The sink looks wide enough to actually be useful. Nicely done and I’m sure you will enjoy it for many years.

  14. Stunning transformation. It’s very spa like now and must be so comfortable to be in. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that despite the white walls beforehand, it seems brighter now with a slightly darker wall color?

    Found your through Sits. You have a new follower 😉

  15. Gorgeous! Your finished bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous. I want to take a bath now. You know what is sad…my master bathroom is so ugly that I am afraid to post my before (our bathroom is getting ready for a makeover).

  16. I absolutely LOVE your bathroom! The are wonderful, but the tub…oh, that tub. It’s luxurious. I hope you enjoy it very much!

    Happy New Year! I’m enjoying your recap post.

  17. GORGEOUS! I love the pebble borders.

    Also, amazed they vacuumed every evening – very good builders!

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