Photos from Ballintoy, N Ireland

We went for a lovely family walk one evening at Ballintoy in early April, and I have not yet had a chance to share any of the photos on my blog.  While waiting for the final touches for THE bathroom (the electricians are drilling as I blog!) I will share a few of the photos with you.

First there were some very sweet little lambs and protective mums who were not remotely camera shy.

Although there was little wind, the waves were quite spectacular, and we had fun guessing which waves were going to create the largest splash.

The kids (mostly) co-operated with my desire to take photos  (photo of middle daughter taken at a later date!)

Just as were were leaving, there were some lovely rays of late evening sun through the clouds.

Where is you favourite place to go for a walk?

Finally, like the new header? Thought it was time for a change! (If you are reading this through Google Reader, click on over and have a peak – thanks!)

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  1. Your pictures are lovely. I especially love the rays of light coming through the clouds. You have beautiful children, too. I know how hard it is sometimes to get mine to stop for a picture! Carla

  2. I love your fresh new header and I too love your pictures from the waves – they are so fantastic!! I love walking at such a beautiful place – but here is no one like yours in our neighbourhood

  3. The bathroom – THE BATHROOM, squee! Looks straight out of a architecture digest. You have such good taste. One day I’ll be seeing it in real, I have complete faith!

    My, how your children are growing. It’s been incredible to watch them over the years here – feel priveledged and better than any reality show.

    The waves are stunning – definately something that would bring soothing to any wall. Thx for sharing my friend.

  4. Cute header, JanMary! 🙂

    Gorgeous pics, as usual. My favorite place to walk is in Letchworth Park which is about an hour away. Gorgeous waterfalls and scenery.

  5. We have some mountains about 2 hours drive from here that we love to walk in. Some people would probably just call them foothills but they are still lovely. The beach is 3 hours away in the other direction but always seems too crowded.

    I started reading your blog about 18 months ago. I was just noticing how much your kids have grown in that time. I hope I get to watch them all the way to adulthood.

  6. What beautiful pictures and a beautiful family (o: I would love to walk along the ocean. I live in Colorado which is a long way from the ocean…but a short drive into the Rocky Mountains. In my town I either walk along a ditch or drive a little ways to a lake. I do love to look at water as I walk.

  7. My goodness, you take some amazing pictures. I’d love to get my hands on your camera. 🙂 What kind is it? Film or digital?

    Stopping by from SITS.

  8. those are fantastic photos you have!! love the photos of the waves.
    and your kids are so adorable…they are growing fast!!
    anyway, you take care always!!

  9. Beautiful photos. I love the waves. Mother Nature is a powerful being.

    I love going along the trails at my parents’ house. It is relaxing and quiet and safe.

    STopping by from SITS.


  10. Beautiful photos as usual! What a wonderful place to take a good walk. We took a fun walk in Yosemite Nat’l Park recently, my pics are up along with a crazy video I took of a bear!

  11. Hi Jan Mary..
    Your pictures are fabulous! Love your new bathroom too! And your kids..just beautiful!
    Southampton, NY

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