My two daughters, messing around in front of the camera to humour their mother and her Project 365. They are very tolerant of me and my camera, most of the time!

Thanks kids, love you lots.
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20 thoughts on “Sisters”

  1. Beth {kewl_jive}

    They’re soo beautiful! I just ADORE this, super sweet innocent look and priceless smile. Just melts my heart. Stunning processing, sweetie. 😉

  2. I love the photo. Your daughers are gorgeous and the photo looks very ‘spontaan’ (sorry, can’t think of the english word right now). I wish my son could pose like that for me……..right now all he does is make funny faces 🙂 haha

  3. Fabulous photo, your girls are gorgeous! I so understand what you mean about the kids humouring you for a photo a day! My kids are exactly the same!

  4. Cheri Stabile

    Thank you for visiting my blog! You take such nice photos! I dream of getting a nice camera because I love to take pictures, maybe one day if I save my money. 🙂

  5. I wish my girls would humour me. I have just 2 photos of them for the whole month…. Teenagers. Love this photo!

  6. This is a beautiful picture of them and their smiles. I noticed my family poses a lot more for me now, maybe each is hoping to make “picture of the day.” Nice photos.

  7. LOVE your new header – its very attractive but not dis-tractive!

    Well, I too get a little disgruntled when all I ever see of my dear husband’s face is a camera lens.. but recently I filled our coffee table (it has a drawer inside and a 4′ area of clear glass on top) with old photos of us and I’m sure glad he insisted on taking them.

    Thx again for sharing your beautiful family, my friend.

    ♥ Barb

  8. You are lucky that your daughters humour you. Though I have one of each, a girl who will pose and a son that won’t. Your children are beautiful.

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