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Walking to School – with link to printable game

One of the best things about working at home, is being able to walk my kids to school. I confess I don’t always take advantage of doing it, but I know we can if we want to! It is just about a 15 minute walk – with a particularily steep hill to walk up and down.

I can remember when my first daughter started school, and within a few days she wanted to walk by herself!

Within a month of my second daughter starting school, our youngest was born, so soon I was pushing the pram then the buggy up the hills.

This photo is from a couple of years ago, as my eldest daughter was about to leave primary school, and my son about to leave nursery school. It was the end of an era, as my eldest now attends a grammar school and leaves much earlier in the morning.

Now, in only a few weeks, my middle child is due to leave primary school, and it will only be my son and I on the school walk next year (sniff, sniff!)

Last week was “Walk to School” week, and despite the miserable and cold weather, we did make the effort to walk more than usual. To coincide with Walk to School Week  there was a great printable game on the Marks and Spencers website – a Walk to School i-Spy game.  You can go HERE to download it at M&S Shoes. Of course my printer wasn’t working last week, so we didn’t manage to use it then, but it’s definitely something my son would enjoy doing.

My own walking to school memories?- I did usually walk home, but got a lift in the mornings. As teenagers, my brothers and I would be dropped off at the bottom of our school drive (which was 0.3 miles long, up hill).  Of course, as soon as we got out of the car we totally disowned eachother, and we would each walk up to school with at least 10 yards between each of us!

So – have you any memories of walking to school, or if relevant, do your kids walk to school? I am always fascinated by the yellow school buses in USA – we don’t have them here, most kids go by car or walk, with buses only available for children living in more rural areas.

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  1. Sadly it seems the trend in some towns here in the states (have seem this in CT and TN) is to no longer build sidewalks. So the only way our kids could walk to school would be through the streets (way too dangerous) or over peoples lawns. Kind of sad as I fondly remember walking all throughout my school years.

  2. Hi JM!

    I have many memories of walking to school. We were a family of 8 with little money so unfortunately some memories were of wearing boots with holes – with plastic bread bags as outsides of our socks to assure our feet kept dry. I do have many fond memories too – walking to school always caused me to appreciate the seasons.

    Thanks for sharing, and for bringing back memories.

    ♥ Barb

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