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More lessons, and the start of a dining room makeover

OK – last week I apologized for missing out on blogging, and here I am again…..history is repeating itself! So it is a bit cheeky to ask “Did you miss me?”

However, I have blogged ONCE since the last lessons learned – with a wonderful giveaway, sponsored by Uprinting.com. You can win 250 personalised cards (with free shipping to US AND UK – I know, the UK!!!) (I am excited as rarely to US companies offer free shipping to UK, so come on all you UK lurkers, comment on the post for a chance to win).

Did you catch that – TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY cards? I plan to use Uprinting.com for my Christmas Cards this year, but I would struggle to find 250 people to send them to, what about you? How many cards (if any) do you send?

Lessons learned this week? Here they are:

  • Sick kids are not fun, but when they fall asleep on the sofa they can still look very cute.

  • Plans can change but when you have 2 men ready and willing to paint a room, be flexible and make the most of the opportunity

Due to a number of un-anticipated issues, we were unable to repaint our bedroom as planned last Friday. As my husband had already planned to take the day off work, and my Dad (thanks, Dad!) was also booked to come and help, there was a quick change of the plan and the dinnng room received a facelift instead.

Here are the before pics – terracotta-ish walls, supposedly warm and welcoming, but more orange than I would have chosen, lots of pine furniture, my “office” and craft work-room (i.e. the dining room table!), curtains which were faded and we never did manage to finish the pelment for each window.


I say “after-ish” dining room makeover as we still need to get a light fitting, new curtains, eventually change the carpet (which we have had for 17 years, and moved with us from our last home 11 years ago as a “temporary” measure). We also need to put some photos back on the walls – I am thinking black and white photos all with matching frames.

My plan is cream/black theme – and this little notebook is my inspiration.

As I (hopefully) make progress I will keep you informed.

We moved the sideboard to the hall, and are not putting the dresser shelves back up and I have plans to maybe use it at the cottage instead.

Sorry the quality of the photos are not too great – it has been a tough week!

  • When you get out of the way of blogging regularily, it can be a struggle to get back to it
  • Pampered Chef parties are fun – even though I always feel a bit awkward that friends feel obligated to buy. I will do a separate post on the Pampered Chef night when the products I have chosen arrive. An enjoyable evening, lovely food and great chat. Did not sell much jewelery this time, but hopefully some orders soon.

That’s your lot for this week – leave a comment if you can.

For more lessons, from MUCH more regular bloggers, visit Jo Lynne and check out the links there.

Come back soon(ish) for more if you dare!

Until then, take care.

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  1. Great new color. You are the “people” I envy. I love that notebook but would never, ever in a million years think to pull a dining room from it. When you come to the US I would really love to have you do a room for me.

    I hope you little man is feeling better. What a sweet picture.

  2. Awww – poor mite! He does look rather cute though I’m sure you had your “moments” if he is sick.

    250 cards? Why, I too would never even be able to think of that many people I know! I’d have to send to my regular friends and then all the blog friends I can think of IF I lived in the US or UK.

    Ummmm – see I would be lying to say I missed you as I have been non-present myself. I WOULD have missed you if I had I am sure. 😉

    Your new d/r colour is a refreshing change and I can totally visualize your theme for the photos. I am sure you will do a lovely job. How many more rooms do you have to revamp?

    Looking forward to your Pampered Chef party post.

  3. Aww hope your little boy is soon better, they do look so cute asleep and its strange but when my two are all quiet and still its what you would normlly hoping they would be like but its only when ill and I dont like it at all.

    I like the brightness you have brought to the room.
    I am sitting in a terracotta room and feel its far too orange, I was going for Tuscany and seemed to end up with a too red/orange feel.

    I love the notebook as inspiration, I start most of my rooms that way too.

  4. Poor wee man. I hope he’s feeling much better now, its hard when they’re ill.

    The dining room looks much brighter, I can’t wait to get rid of the really bright blue in our kitchen now and I’m wondering if I can fit it in before going back to work:) Might be stretching myself a bit there though.

  5. love the new color of your dining room.
    – i hope by the time you read this your beautiful little one is feeling better.

  6. Love that color! And the black/white photos would look gorgeous. I’m thinking of doing something similar with sepia photos in white frames, after we paint our family room.

    I love to change up the paint in our house! Too bad my husband doesn’t share the same joy.

  7. Room is looking good! I love the idea of hanging black and white photos; I always think they give a room a sophisticated look!

  8. I definitely missed you! But I’ve missed blogging for weeks! It’s been a whirlwind.

    Such a sweet boy. Hope he’s feeling better.

    And as always, your makeovers are very inspiring. I need to paint.

  9. Hope your son is feeling better! He is awfully cute sleeping there! The dining room looks nice – the lighter color on the walls is very nice.

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