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Craft Storage – before and after

I have known for some time that my chaotic and messy craft corner’s days were numbered as Christmas approaches, and we will require the dining room for……dining in! (what a novel thought).

Apparently this

is unacceptable.

With a trip to IKEA planned for last Friday, I got out their latestbrochure and came up with a proposed solution of 2 large book cases with baskets/boxes to hide the craft supplies.

Our marriage survived the assembling of the bookshelves over the weekend and my daughters helped me to assemble the storage boxes. Ultimately I would love pretty baskets, but the cost was prohibitive!

So here is the final result.

Let me know what you think.

On to digital scrapping

Here is my latest layout.

(Click image for credits)

My daughter has one Transfer Test paper over, and one to go in 11 days (but who is counting?!!). Continued prayers appreciated.

Tonight is our 6th night at the Parenting Course. It has been really worthwhile so far, and I find both the introductory DVD and the discussion in our groups that follow really beneficial.

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21 thoughts on “Craft Storage – before and after”

  1. Creative Junkie

    Would you believe I’ve never been to Ikea? And there’s one within an hour of me.

    And now looking at what you did … WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE … I want to drive downtown, yank my husband out of his office and race right over there. We DESPERATELY need some Ikea in our house.

    Thinking good thoughts for your daughter!

  2. Love the way you solved your craft storage problem. And thank goodness you had help assembling the boxes. I assembled just 2 of IKEA’s CD holder boxes (same style as the ones you have pictured), and it seemed to be far more complicated and prolonged a process than I had expected!

  3. Hey, what would the world be without Ikea?!! Great storage shelves, the boxes have found their place.
    When is the next trip planned?

  4. CJ, the Purple Diva

    I’ve been so behind lately! I’m trying to catch up!
    I LOVE what you did! And so glad the marriage survived the putting together of the bookshelves! that was funny!

  5. Fingers crossed the next test goes well.

    I start to clear out the house at the weekend, except now it looks worse than before I started. I’m desperately in need of some ikea solutions, or any solution for that matter.

  6. wow love those book cases and this is a great sulotion… and it looks sooo much better then just those boxes!

    Love that page and thanks so much for playing the challenge hun, you rock!! Have a fab day, Hugs!

  7. It looks incredible! I love what you said about your marriage surviving the assembly….it’s the little tests that are the hardest to pass! : )

  8. I think you should come to MY house and help me organise, thats what I think, haha. Honest, I’ll put on the tea and provide goodies!

    It feels so GOOD, doesn’t it, almost inspires you again, because you know how to put your hands on any one item. I’ve been known to give up a project because it felt like too much of a bother to find the materials LOL (thus the love of digi, too!)

    Miles and I just did a BIG SORT of his school classroom – the janitors do some stuff, but the organizing is at the whim and will of whoever will choose to undertake this task.

    Your layout is gorgeous and I’m still lifting your dd in prayer.

    I’m glad you are enjoying your classes!

    ~ Barb

  9. Looks great! Glad your marriage survived putting the bookshelves together. I’ve had my doubts before when DH and I have tackled things like that. Sending good thoughts to your daughter. I’m glad your learning and enjoying your class.

  10. Great job Jan
    What a co incidence we are going to ikea to day to get a desk for the room I craft in
    love your los and prayers for your daughter it is such a stressful exam for little ones

  11. Irritable Mother

    The dining room looks great!
    OK, you got me to buy re-useable grocery bags. Perhaps you will also be my push to get me to Ikea?!
    There is an Ikea about an hour away from me and I have a friend who has tried to get me to go…Yes. Someday!

  12. Just found your blog. It’s lovely! Your organization area is beautiful. I drool over it 🙂 Digital scrapbooking sounds neat … do you do “regular” scrapbooking too? I do, but I’ve done some shutterfly books. The latter is much less stressful to me.


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