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Disappearing Trees – now you see them …. now you don’t!

When we bought our home 12 years ago, there was a boring square of grass, without no other signs of life, despite the previous owners having lived there for 4 years.

This was is waaaaay back then (1998)

And 2 years on in 2000 it looked like this:

Thanks to my parents green fingers and hard work, we have a lovely garden, with lots of trees and plants which are remarkably similar to the ones that grew in our garden when I was younger.

When our garden looks lovely, we can take no credit, as my parents swoop in, rescusing, weeding, cutting back and delivering new plants at least twice a year.  Many of our friends suggest we should send my Mum and Dad along to work in their garden too!

This year, however, after a severe prolonged snowy period, several trees and bushes have lost the will to live, and drastic action was called for.

My Dad and a friend came prepared with saws, trailer and enthusiasm to remove the offending growth (or lack of growth!).

I wasn’t here to witness the “execution” which proved to be challenging, but here are some before and after photos.

Now you see it…..

now you don’t!

And here’s the leftovers – looking forward to burning them in our open fireplace at the cottage.

Our middle daughter was particularily attached to the tree as it has been growing beautifully outside her bedroom window all of her life. I had visions of her attaching herself to the tree, refusing to allow it to go…..but there was no such drama. Just some stoical resignation to the inevitable.

At the front of the house, this ceanothus was in danger of taking over entirely, so it too received was removed.

And after ….

It is amazing the amount of space it has left, however, in no time at all I know a new plant will appar in it’s place (thanks Dad), which will have been carefully selected for the location, soil type, foliage etc.

I have yet to inherit my parents passion for gardening, maybe it will skip a generation. I do enjoy a beautiful garden but usually find some excuse very good reason why I should be doing something else instead – like photographing it, or reading in it, or even blogging about it!

If fact – this is more my sort of tree!

Are you a gardener? Who has green fingers in your family?

Or maybe you are more my type of gardener – who appreciates the efforts of others!

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  1. do you think you could send your mum and dad over seas for a visit???? My yard could sure use some help!!!!
    Your garden looks great –
    and so green!!

  2. I need help – no green thumb here. It’s hard to garden – you have to be very patient (I’m usually not) to see the results of all the work. Looks like your garden is ready to enjoy!

  3. I LOVE to garden. You have a beautiful yard…your parents do a really nice job. And you do a fabulous job sharing it with the bloggy world. 🙂

  4. My thumbs are jet black. Nature and I do not get along so I stay away from it and it stays away from me. My husband likes to garden though. And my mother was a phenomenal gardener but age and arthritis have put a stop to that. My parents have this absolutely gorgeous Chinese Pagoda tree in their front yard. I had never seen that kind of tree before … it is simply beautiful!

  5. I have a touch of brown thumb, most of what grows in my garden is sheer dumb luck and I don’t buy any plant if the label doesn’t clearly state “hardy” and the veg only grows if Chloe plants it, she inherited her green thumb from Robert’s mum and he didn’t get it so maybe it does skip a generation. I don’t think there was ever a green thumbed generation on my side of the family though:)

    I wonder if your dad can be tempted by cake?

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