On being nine – the birthday boy!

Our youngest child just turned 9 – hard to believe next year he will be in double digits (he pointed out it would be 91 years before he was in triple digits!)

Here are NINE things I love about him …..

– his enthusiasm for life

– his thirst for knowledge

– his infectious laugh

– his snuggles

– his imagination

– his love to create things

– his singing in the car (when it is just him and me we sing LOUDLY!)

– his chats at bedtime

– and of course his red hair!!!

This year he opted to have a sleepover with 2 school friends – and amazingly there was actually some sleep!

Here are a few pics of the birthday boy

copyright www.janmary.com

Opening presents

copyright www.janmary.com

My best tip for having 3 boys at a sleepover – glow bands!


And a few images of his growing through the years….

This digital scrapbooking card I created covered ages 0 to 4!

5th birthday

6th birthday

7th birthday

8th birthday

I asked my son a few questions about his likes/dislikes now that he is nine ……

Fave colour – black

Fave fruit – passion fruit

Fave game – Skylanders

Fave TV show – Deadly 60

What he wants to be when he grows up  – a palaeontologist / scientist / animal expert!

When asked what’s great about being 9? Being more mature, being more trustworthy and getting to play on the iPad!

Do you have any memories from when you are 9? Please share in the comments – I LOVE comments, and I try to reply to every one – honest!



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  1. He is lovely in a blink of an eye he will be a man. Treasure all those precious moments.

  2. For our son’s last birthday, I accumulated a random selection of all the photos, slides and digital photos I have of him since he was a baby, digitised the oldrr formats, and then put them into a random slide show. Many of them he had never seen, and so he was dead chuffed. And what age was he….40!

    1. Great idea Harry – I love looking at old family photos – need to get more digitilised!

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