iPhone autumn walk in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

This morning was one of those lovely autumn mornings – dry, crisp and not too cool! Before church I headed for a walk around Wallace Park in Lisburn, with iPhone camera in hand of course!

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Lots of leaves already fallen and carpeting the ground, even though we haven’t really had a “decent” storm yet.  As it was dry, the leaves are still at the crunchy stage, not at the slippery slimy stage!

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This has to be one of my favourite trees in Lisburn!

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Quite a few families heading to the playground at the far end, but I chose to stay on the quieter paths, where most of the dog-walkers seemed to be.

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I love the changing colours

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The Wallace fountain has obviously benefited from a recent coat of paint.

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The Wallace Fountains are found in several parts of Lisburn, and throughout Paris too!   The fountains and Wallace Park were a gift from Sir Richard Wallace,

A few more photos on my way back to church……

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So where do you enjoy walking? I would love you to join in the conversation in the comments below (hint! hint!)

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  1. It is indeed a wonderful park, and I saw a lt of it as a child. We lived on Belsize Road, north of the junction with Harmony Hill, long before it became full of houses.

    We had no access to a care, bicycle or buses so had to walk each day to Wallace High (the old building). So we saw the ever-changing seasons as we crossed (or should I say, dawdled) through the park twice a day, winter and summer.

    There was a cycle racing track built, but the ladt time I wad there, it was full of holes. And we have photos taken at the railings at the duckpond. A super place indeed!

    1. Lots of money been spent on the paths and cycle track now. A lovely new play park and a new bandstand too (although I preferred the old one!) They haven’t done anything to the duck pond yet, but still plenty of ducks in it! I will take a few more photos next time I’m there and share them here for you!

    1. Thanks Erica – I drive past this park all the time, it was good to stop snd spend time in it!

  2. I janmary,I’m christiane,I live in sicily and I wached your photos for a mistake,are beatifull.my favourite photo is the three road,I like landscapes irish.sorry for my english,I’m deutsch.please put for me others photo.thank you

    1. Hi Christiane, thanks for your visit and taking time to comment. Don’t apologise for your Emglish – much better than any attempt I would make in another language!

  3. Beautiful pictures Janine! Reading it felt like I was walking along beside you!

  4. Fall is such a picturesque time of year for sure. There is a little lake/pond by my house (in BC, Canada) where I often go for walks with my kids. It has been breathtaking lately – much like it seems in your photos! You have a good eye for photos:)

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