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While on holidays my daughters and husband loved visiting Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister etc.  I made a few clothes purchases – Old Navy, Gap, Marshalls and Payless Shoes but I much prefer shopping for bits and pieces for the home, or wandering up and down the aisles of the large supermarkets, marveling at the different products and even just names of products! (Yes – I am easily amused!)

Here are a few items I bought for the cottage

THREE FOUR word signs!

A large rope knot

A nautical wall hanging from The Christmas Tree Shop, now in the cottage bathroom.

There was however one special item I was really keen to purchase – an original Cape Cod screwball bracelet from Eden Hand Arts.

The whole experience was really quite something – they are only open a few days a week, for a few months of the year, only a couple of customers are allowed into the shop at a time, and there is always a long queue patiently waiting outside.

Having eventually found the shop (a challenge in itself) I waited for over an hour before being allowed to enter.  At 3.30pm those already in the queue were advised they would be admitted that day, but no-one else would be permitted. Several people attempted to join the end of the queue but the shopkeepers came out and asked them to leave. While I was in the shop a “jumper” was spotted, trying to join the queue further up the line, and they too were promptly chased!!!

Despite all these eccentricities the staff in the shop were lovely,  they took their time measuring your wrist and checking your requirements. Despite the queue outside, there was no pressure to rush.  Fortunately my husband and younger kids chose to spend the wait paddling in a local pond, but my eldest daughter chose to stay with me (however with hindsight she would chose the pond next time!)

It really was a unique experience and added to the memories the bracelet will bring of our wonderful time spent in Cape Cod.  If you too want an original Cape Cod bracelet you can’t order online, or by phone, the only way to get one is to go to Cape Cod and join that queue!

3 thoughts on “Cottage purchases”

  1. how cool is that – never heard about that bracelet shop –
    I knew the kids would love those stores – and I love the knot that you found.
    So have you decided on your next vacation yet????
    Missing your “home land ” now too.

  2. Those are great! I most especially like the third one that says, “Beach”. I’ve seen a lot of those that say, “Dream”.

    I want one that says “Destiny” so I’ve got to hunt shops for that. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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