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20 facts about Janmary

Here we go – 20 things you maybe didn’t know about me! (in no particular order)

1. I am a jewellery designer and I sell my handcrafted irish jewellery primarily in shops in N Ireland and USA, You can see my jewellery over at www.janmarydesigns.com

2.  I have 3 kids (but the older two are getting a bit camera shy so less and less pictures of them on my blog)

3. I have a cat called George

4. I love to walk on the beach, especially in the winter, when it is stormy and deserted! We have a holiday cottage on the north coast of N Ireland, close to the Giants Causeway.

5. My Christian faith is very important to me, I was brought up a Coventantor (Reformed Presbyterian) and our family is now very invovled in our local Methodist Church.

6. I have 2 older brothers

7. Apart from 1 year living in England, I have always lived and worked in N Ireland.

8. I used to work in a bank – took a career break 9 years ago and never returned.

9. Love diet coke

10. Love to house swap (home exchange). So far we have been to Dublin, Boston/Cape Cod, Galway, Paris and Donegal. Heading over to Cotswolds in England this summer.

11. I love Pinterest – follow me @janmary

12. I love Instagram (I’m Janmary there too) and Iphoneography (whole post about it here)

13. I had post natal depression (or PPD) after my youngest child was born

14. I /HATE roller coasters – I will happily wait and hold the coats!

15. I will be married 20 years in June – we are heading to Rome at the end of May (without the kids)

16. (I like to use brackets a lot in blog posts) (apparently)

17. I have attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Atlanta in October 2011 and I will be at BritMums Live Blogging Conference in June – anyone else going?

18. I love my Canon DSLR 500D

19. I am a bit of a clutter bug

20. I find making lists of 20 facts really tricky!

I am sharing these facts as part of the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

Why not join in – it’s not too late, and it’s a great way to meet more bloggers.

So  – do you share any facts with me?

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  1. I was meant to be going to Britmums, but as we are moving to the US in 3 weeks, I’ll be missing it! 🙁

  2. I LOVE roller coaster. I’m actually taking a trip toward the end of the month to visit my favorite amusement park. We do both love Pinterest and Instagram 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by!
    I will be back to check on you.

    We have a few things in common.
    I have a cat, Lexi. We usually call her Dumb Dog.
    I so wish I could get me an SLR camera.
    I do Pinterest.
    I would LOVE to travel to all the places you have been!!

    I guess I better work on my list.

  4. oh my goodness your son is cute!!! I bet he gets away with murder with his mommy haha

  5. Funny we have a holiday home on the north coast too. I also have an addiction to Instagram and pinterest must try and find you.

  6. I love your name JanMary!  I am addicted to Pinterest!!!  And I love Instagram!  Congratulations on 20 years of marriage.  Enjoy your trip with your hubby!  I would really like to go to a blog conference, how do you find out about them?  I am a huge clutter bug!!!  I am trying to tackle that issue this year.  I enjoyed reading your 20 facts.  =)

  7. Your life sounds very full and amazing! I also love Instagram and have 3 kids! I’m so happy I joined in on this challenge. This is so exciting!!

  8. You are the second older lady that I met today who still looks good. I hope when I am old I have a wife that is still cute.

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