I am a winner! (sort of!)

Ok – not a first place winner, but a runner up!

Kimberly G was hosting her first photo challenge, asking for submissions for “Fence”. I submitted this one from Portstewart Strand and was in the top 3 🙂

You can view the other entries HERE – but look on down past the “eye” photos entered for the next challenge!

On the subject of photos, Brent Rigg has challenged us to edit a photo of his from a trip to Colorado, and share the results online.

Here is the original photo

And here is my version – slightly cropped and tweaked.

Do you edit your photos much? I find it hard to resist dabbling a little in Photoshop, and while on holidays in Boston and Cape Cod I used Picasa to edit any holiday photos I shared on line.

If you do edit your photos, which software do you use? I use Adobe PSE7.

Back tomorrow with a post all about new school shoes – a topic which  always fills my heart with dread at the end of the summer holidays.

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  1. Congrats! That is a beautiful picture.

    I’m thinking about getting photoshop, but I’m a little nervous about learning it. Everyone says it really hard. What do you think?

  2. Congrats! I love this picture. I usually change the color saturation a little in most outside pictures. It seems to make the landscape pop a little more. Carla

  3. Congratulations JanMary!

    I’m a tweakaholic and I use PSCS4 to edit my photos. Until I learn how to take great photos, no one will see a naked SOOC shot of mine.

  4. Lovely photo JM, as per your high standards! You always make the world seem like a nicer place. I do love to play with my photos a bit. If its not with colour adjustment it might be a slight filter and cropping does wonders to direct the focus of a certain subject as well. Just popped on to say hello – using a library connection so not much time here.

    hugs, Barb

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