Cups or Mugs and Valentines!

For a while I have been on the look out for some new red mugs for our cottage near the sea.

Last night, while out clothes shopping with my daughters, I spied these beauties:

red mugs

And I loved them even more when I realised they were only 85 pence each (about $1)

red mugs


red mugs

 It was a successful evening all round, with everyone finding something they liked which I was prepared to purchase!

So are you a cup or a mug person, or even a beaker?

I’m not a coffee drinker, and for tea I definitely prefer a mug. I don’t like saucers, so cups really aren’t an option. Confession – the Royal Doulton cups and saucers that match our “good” dinner service are carefully wrapped up and in our attic!

Beakers? – is that a Northern Ireland term? To me a beaker is a fancier china mug, sort of a hybrid between a cup and a mug. Too formal and delicate for me, I prefer my mugs 🙂

So what do YOU use to drink your tea or coffee in?

Finally some Valentine’s Day advice from my 6 year old son on how to get someone to fall in love with you:

Step 1 : Be nice

Step 2 : Look nice

Step 3 : Take them out for a nice dinner  (however his opinion of a nice dinner will inevitably include a Happy Meal toy!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Oh I don’t know, I think he might be on to something. Robert gave me a toy car for our first Valentines (he says collectible I say toy).

    I flick back and forth:) Nine times out of ten it’s a mug for me but every now and again I grab of the little Denby cups we were given as a wedding present. They’re daft little half a mouthful cups I don’t know why ours aren’t packed in the attic too:)

  2. I much prefer my mugs. I have three that I really, really like. They all came from my husband and are each different: a big mug with an pottery feel to it; the kitty-cat mug; and the plant pot mug in terracotta. 🙂

  3. I’m a mugger too. I have some nice tall ones which are flowered which a friend gifted to me and I also have two which my cousin gave me (she just passed of cancer two days ago) and they originally belonged to my Gramma who I was so close to. I think of her each time I drink from them.

    GREAT advice from your little man. How can one so young be so wise? Must be the good genes.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  4. I must have no character since I use a plastic travel mug for everything. At least I spill less often than I used to :/

  5. I’m definately a mug person too. But It has to have a white or at least light coloured inside. We got these lovely stylish black mugs for a wedding present but I just can’t drink out of them as the inside is too dark and i can’t see what I’m drinking properly (weird i know) At the minute my favourite mug is a smartie one which i liberated from my mum’s house before it went to the car boot. It came from an Easter Egg when I was wee (why don’t you get mugs with easter eggs anymore?).

    this is the first time i visited your blog- it’s so lovely.

  6. I’m a mugger … love my hot chocolate in a big fat, or big tall mug! 🙂

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