Makeover time!

That’s right – a make-over of me! My regular blogger readers will now be in shock because

  • I prefer to make-over rooms in my house than myself
  • I hate sharing photos of me 
  • I just hate having my photo taken
  • I’m not known for wearing much make-up

So, for all of the above reasons, I never thought I would PAY someone to apply makeup, do my hair, and TAKE MY PICTURE!

However, with Janmary Designs taking off, and my photo required for publicity and local press, I knew I had to face the inevitable, so when I saw this offer on Groupon, I went for it!

I didn’t share with any of you online before the event, that I was doing this, just in case I hated the photos, and I could pretend it never happened!

However, as I am sharing this now, I was pleased with the results.  I still hate photos of me, but I think the make-up artists and hair stylist at Nuala Campbell and the photographer Gavin did a great job.

So here you go, my best shot …..

……..isn’t it amazing what a difference some makeup and flattering lighting can make!

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  1. I just made you the sweetest poem about how you look just as lovely on the outside as I know your inside to be… then I lost it. Sigh sigh. I said you were the toast of all Ireland and all the blarney, though I am totally sincere about how you are beautiful!

    AND THEN I said that one fine day I was going to come see you in PERSON, your lovely visage, though by the time I get there you and I both will have a few more visible wrinkles and we will have to photoshop our photo together – hehe!

    Love, Barb

  2. beautiful photos –
    i love them –
    makes me think i should get some done professionally too for website and such –
    hope you are doing well
    thinking of you daily

  3. First of all … you’re beautiful.

    Second … what are you, twenty? You look freakishly young and I’m jealous. I need to see your makeup person.

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