Janmary Designs – exciting times for my handcrafted jewellery business

It is all happening here with my business Janmary Designs.

I never imagined when I started back in 2009 just where this journey of running my own business would lead within 2 years.

Here’s what has been happening recently:

  • a PHOTO SHOOT in Belfast of my jewellery on a model, with hair, makeup, trendy and cool venue, professional photography ….. the works!
  • a new brochure planned featuring my designs, illustrating my range included my bridal creations
  • if you are a reader in the Atlanta area, get in touch, maybe we can meet up for a coffee, or you can recommend some must see, must buy or must eat places to visit 🙂

    So if I have appeared to be a bit absent in the bloggy world, that might be why!

    If you haven’t already (and why not!) feel free to

    • follow Janmary Designs on Facebook
    • sign up with to my Janmary Designs newsletter
    • visit the new website, and leave a comment on a blog post, or maybe even try out the “contact me” button – I would be thrilled to hear from you
    • or even …. why not order a bespoke item – a gift for someone else, or a treat for yourself  🙂

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    1. Exciting times indeed, and I’m here to celebrate with you!

      You said you wanted feedback on your brand new website: it looks clean and beautiful, and I understand the look that you are striving for. The photography is lovely. I know you want uncluttered, and for the jewelry to be the star, and not the graphics. I did find the white print on the slide show photos to be a little hard to decipher on a couple of the photos. But other than that, I think it’s grand.

      I am amazed at all you have been accomplishing! Congratulations. Going now to look at some of your other links.

    2. Hey: it’s remarkable that they are exhibiting your jewelry in a place that showcases American Art. I had never heard of them before, but I went to their website, and it looks like it would be a lovely place to tour and visit! I wish I lived nearer!

    3. Hi JM

      Who would have dreamed it? I feel so excited for you – following your blog has been an incredible journey. Isn’t it so amazing, when you look back, to know that you stepped out in Faith to invest in this creative talent you were blessed with, to see how, through obedience and hard work, that your business is prospering? All glory to God! I’m absolutely soooo happy and excited to see where you all end up. The sky’s the limit!

      Your super-proud friend,

    4. wow exciting!! Great new points for your business
      I like your stuff very much – wish you luck for the next years

    5. I knew I should have bought some of your jewelry before you became famous!!! Congratulations on your well-deserved success.

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