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Another week of images taken on my iphone – recording everyday life.

I am writing this post in Dublin airport. We are on our way to Orlando, Florida, but things aren’t going quite as planned! Due to heavy snow in New York (we were flying via JFK) we are now today flying to Chicago and on to Atlanta. Staying tonight in Atlanta and tomorrow we should fly on to Orlando – at least that’s the plan! I must say all the airport staff have been very helpful, and it has been great having Gary from Bryan Somers Travel in Saintfield keep us right and sorting us out too.

So on with the iphone photos – these beautiful tulips were a lovely promise of Spring, and were for a friend who is ill.

The dining room / work room storage is complete (apart from the catches – using tape in the interim).  I love that my work area can be pulled out to extend the area, or the doors closed to keep everything hidden.  On either side there are 2 double full height cupboards – for all my beads, tools, photography equipment etc.

Speaking of jewellery (sort of!) these are some new needle felt designs I have been working on. For the first time I am making cuff links.

Part of what I love about iphoneography is capturing the wee every day details, and making the kids sandwiches/wraps/rolls for their packed lunches is one of those moments  of routine that I want to record. Everyone else in the house is slowly waking/stirring, it’s just me and  my thoughts and the sandwiches!

Another wee bit of snow – it makes everything pretty, but not so fun to drive in. At least we didn’t get the cars stuck this time.

On Tuesday morning I had a meeting in the Titantic Quarter in  Belfast. It was a bit icy, but a went for a mini “photowalk” and experimented with a free HDR app which had been recommended by a blogger.

This was a first attempt using the app – it was very straightforward, and within a couple of minutes I had these 4 images created into a collage using the picframe app.

In preparation for our holidays I was at the chemist collecting several prescriptions – and it gave me an opportunity for another photo-a-day ….. I am drawn to random subjects for my pics!

This is our cat in his favourite pose of sitting on the window sill watching the world go by – this was the day before we delivered him to the boarding kennels near Annahilt – where he also has a “room with a view” – where he can watch chickens and sheep and lots of green fields.

Yesterday we had to make an unscheduled purchase of a new tyre (ouch) and I loved the mechanic’s garage full of tools and old metal signage etc.

(Image at the top -can’t seem to move it down on my Tablet

This week’s recommended apps are Afterglow – a great easy to use editing app – it may be my new go-to editing app.

My other recommended app is this Free HDR app – surprisingly simple to use. The HDR look is maybe more of an acquired taste, but it is free and easy to use, so why not give it a go.

Snow and flights permitting,  next week iphone Friday will come from sunny Orlando.

Watch this space (or blog!)

I will try to add the iphone friday linky as soon as possible.

What images have YOU captured this week? Please share

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  1. Hi JM,

    Well, its due to you I now have a few more photo/fun apps on my iphone and I think I’m going to give this a whirl today – this week. Lots going on so should be interesting!

    Have a great week – I’ll be so interested to see your travel photos!!!

    ♥ Barb

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