The Eyes Have It!

So a new era began in my son’s life yesterday……he got his first pair of glasses. In fact he was given 2 pairs because, as our optician optimistically put it, another pair to wear when the first ones are being repaired!

Four out of the 5 of us in our family now wear glasses.

On his first day he was quite compliant about wearing them. He even wanted to wear them in the bath and at bedtime!

Thanks for your lovely comments about the jewellery I made to match my outfit for the charity dinner dance on Friday night…..but no, no photos of me. Regular visitors here know how I am much happier behind the camera, than in front of it.

It was a lovely night, the food, venue and band were great. My husband won a large bag of Lancome cosmetics (yippee for me!), an optician won a pair of designer sunglasses, and a lady won a voucher for her own shop!!! Needless to say there was a bit of prize swapping afterwards!

The event was to celebrate our new school buildings. As you would expect, the tables all had a balloon centre piece, but the contents of the little box used to weigh down the balloons was ingenious as they had used some rubble from the knocking down of the old school to hold down the balloons! It was suggested that if we REALLY wanted we could take home a bit of rubble as a souvenir of the old school…..not quite the same as a piece of the Berlin wall perhaps!

I am delighted with how my new Etsy shop has been going. I know there is currently limited stock on display, but I have already received 3 custom orders!

Did you know that Audrey at I Am Mommy is having some Awesomest Blogs 2009 awards? Voting is Monday 11 May, and you should check it out, as there are some wonderful blogs in some great categories. To my amazement (and this is NOT false modesty, I promise) I have been nominated in 2 categories. (I would insert a blushing face of me here, accept, remember I don’t do many self portraits!)

Can you guess which categories? Click here to see if you are right! (I think list might only be up on Monday 11th).

Do you like my new blog header? I created it using Life 365 digital scrapbooking kit from Gina at Weeds and Wildflowers. I am gradually making some new buttons for my sidebars, so things may be moving about over the next few days.

Finally, if it was Mothers Day in your part of the world, and you are a mum, I hope you had a lovely day. Here we had Mother’s Day in March.

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  1. Your new header is great! I´ll now have a header, too… it´s the first time I´m having one.

    The new glasses of your son are looking great and fit him very much – one of my son is wearing glasses, too.

    Congrats for the new cosmetics – and also for your new shop – it turned out great!!

  2. Love that new header!! My whole family wears glasses as well… although I am the only left who ACTAULLY wears glasses…tehy all got LASIK.

    I can’t believe you were ONLY nominated for 2 categorys…you are so talented you could win them all!

    God bless-

  3. The new header looks great and your son really suits his new glasses, long may his enjoyment of wearing them continue:)

    Congratulations on the new shop, three order already, that’s brilliant news.

  4. Yes, your new header is very cute! I really need to figure out how to do my own blog design, but I think I need some better photo software… Your son is just adorable with his new glasses! I hope his excitement for wearing them lasts a long time! 😉 And congratulations on your etsy orders! That’s so exciting!! I knew your jewelry would do well! As soon as I saw you had your items up, I visited your shop. It looks great!

  5. I agree, the header is beautiful!

    Your son looks so handsome! If I had to be, I’d say we will probably be venturing down the road to glasses with our little guy someday, too.

  6. wow yeah i love your header. it looks beautiful!!!! your son looks so happy with his new glasses and he looks proud 😉

  7. Love the bespectacled little boy! My eldest wears contacts and my youngest wears glasses. I also wear glasses.

    Sigh. I would have loved it if my girls had inherited by eyes … NOT my eyesight.

    So glad to hear your Etsy shop is going well! And congrats on your blog nominations as well!

  8. I am so with you on preferring to stay BEHIND the camera! 🙂 Congrats on the nomination and the prize you won. Great job on the design as well – it looks so professional! I’m impressed. 🙂

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