Welcome to a new year, and a new DECADE on 1.1.11 :)

How are you this first day of twenty eleven?

Here’s what has been happening since my recap of the year (in many words and photos) yesterday/last year!

We were invited to a party which was to be our first attempt to go out to a party, with the 3 kids, and attempt to keep everyone happy until AFTER midnight – in recent years we have just stayed home.

I managed to persuade the kids to allow a group photo just before we left the house.

With lots of discussion of expectations, and well equipped with distractions for our youngest, we ventured forth…..and it was a complete success!!!

There were enough kids of all ages to keep everyone happy and entertained, and we enjoyed some food, drink and conversation.

I decided NOT to bring my camera, so the only images I have are from my iphone, in low light, so excuse their quality.

Just before midnight the champagne (for the adults!) and party poppers (for the kids AND adults) were distributed, and we watched the countdown on TV. (I just about managed to hold wine glass, party popper AND take a photo of them with my iphone, all at the same time!)

At midnight, on the first “BONG” on Big Ben in London, the poppers popped!

We left the party soon after midnight, quitting while we were ahead.

For the first time I noticed about a dozen of those Chinese Fire Lanterns (?) floating across the night sky.  There were obviously the “in thing” this year to launch at midnight.

So, how did you see in the New Year?

Do share……

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I attended a birthday party for a relative, but by midnight I was at home in bed. Carla

  2. sounds and looks like a fantastic evening with lots of fun for you and yours.
    Like your family shot of your three!

    We celebrate at home with raclette and also watched the countdown on tv. We had champagne for us adults and party bubble for the children (fizzy apple and cherry juice).
    then we went out for making a little firework.

  3. Fun! We stayed at friends house until just before midnight. Too many drunk drivers are on the roads late here, so we headed home just in time to kiss before we unloaded sleeping kids from the cars. How’s that for romantic? 🙂

  4. What fun!!

    We just had some close friends over. Ate some good food, watched a movie, played some PS3. The guys finished up a mission on Call of Duty a minute after midnight.

    First comment of the new year: “Oops, Happy New Year!”

    It was a good time!

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