Boxing Day in Northern Ireland

Sorry – still no internet so blogging from my iPhone. Photos will have to wait. We have had a quieter Boxing Day than usual but it’s been lovely. Did a bit of sale shopping with my daughters today – we all bought something … some more than others! I bought a brown Kipling bag. If you aren’t familiar with Boxing Day it’s the day after Christmas Day and although I can’t insert the link from my iPhone I have bogged about the origin of the day in previous years. Of course we have had left-over Christmas dinner today – some say they get tired of it, but I love another day of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc. We still have an unopened Christmas pudding and Christmas cake to be started but I dont like either so I won’t be eating either! What about you – is there any traditional Christmas food you love or hate? As always comments welcomed and lover!

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day in Northern Ireland”

  1. We still have Christmas pudding left too, everyone wanted the M&S chocolate bombe and raspberries on Christmas day so the pudding is unopened.

  2. Ika Devita Susanti

    I has just read about Boxing Day tradition from one site and I read it again here. lol. Boxing Days sound very interesting to m. Too bad that we don’t have it here in my country. Have a great day!

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